7 Summer Fruits That Help You Detoxify And Stay Healthy…

7 Summer Fruits That Help You Detoxify And Stay Healthy

Ah, summer! A time to enjoy nature’s bounty and the most wonderful season for fresh fruit. Nothing is better than taking a stroll down to the local farmer’s market on a warm summer morning to find colorful and delicious produce that’s a feast for the senses. However, did you also know that these incredible fruits have detoxifying qualities that can boost your metabolism and aid in detoxing your body? Foods high in detox properties also help balance hormones like insulin and estrogen, encourages weight loss, and help you to feel more energized.

Fun Fact: Most of us know that tomatoes are a fruit. But did you also know that avocados and cucumbers are fruits as well?

Here’s a list of 7 summer fruits that can help your body detox:

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This is considered as the quintessential summer fruit. Watermelon is made up of mostly water, over 90%, which helps the kidneys and liver flush- out toxins. Watermelon also aids in preventing both low potassium and magnesium deficiency, which are critical nutrients that regulate blood pressure. Studies have also shown that watermelon’s supply of the amino acid l-citrulline is effective at reducing muscle soreness.

Recipe Tip: The fruit is great in the salad, made into the thirst-quenching watermelon-infused water, or simply cut into bite-sized cubes to enjoy during picnics and beach outings.


High in fiber, vitamin K, manganese and vitamin C, this nutrient-rich fruit helps support healthy cells and protects against damage from toxins and stress. Blueberries are also filled with antioxidants and can help protect the brain from free radical damage and promote healthy brain aging. In addition to the long list of blueberry health benefits, these fruits are also wonderfully sweet, low-calorie and delicious.

Recipe Tip: They’re perfect as ready-to-go snacks, blended into a smoothie, or mixed with your favorite yogurt or oatmeal.


The pineapple is filled with phytonutrients and contains an enzyme called bromelain that promotes healthy digestion and helps break down fats- which is essential for detoxification. Other benefits include protection against cardiovascular disease, improved fertility and reduced inflammation (that’s the bromelain).

Recipe Tip: Pineapple is perfect as is cut into a fresh summer snack (it’s even better grilled), infused in water for a hydrating drink or added it to salads for a sweet kick.


Grapefruits can be yellow, pink or red in color with a taste ranging from sour to sweet; most often a refreshing mix of the two. With about 20% more vitamin C than an orange, grapefruits are great for immunity, heart health, and fighting off those nasty free radicals. In addition to being high in fiber, it is filling, hydrating, and usually large enough to satisfy your afternoon hunger pangs.

Recipe Tip: Try a grapefruit, beet and radish salad, pink grapefruit slices with vanilla ice cream and ginger syrup, or a refreshing grapefruit spritzer with a sprig of fresh rosemary.


This pantry staple is high in vitamins A and C, which means it’s loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and boost immunity! Also high in lycopene, tomatoes can help neutralize toxins and are a potent anti-inflammatory food. They are also a good source of potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper.

Recipe Tip: They are delicious in a satisfying Caprese salad or transform them into Gazpacho or Tomato soup. Enjoy it cool or hot!


Avocados are truly one of nature’s superfoods. Avocados are anti-inflammatory and contain glutathione, a nutrient known to block carcinogens and help the liver clear out chemicals from the body. Avocados are one of the better sources of vitamins B and C and are packed full of essential nutrients, which improve heart health, hormone balance, digestive health and so much more.

Recipe Tip: Aside from the traditional guacamole dip, this amazing fruit is great in salads and sandwiches. Try it in a wrap with some peaches, basil and a splash of balsamic dressing.


Low in calories and high in vitamin B and potassium, cucumbers are excellent for reducing bloating and inflammation and even aid in the prevention of headaches. They also support the digestive tract and help cleanse the liver by removing accumulated toxins and waste materials from the blood and gut.

Recipe Tip: Low-calorie and versatile, cucumbers are perfect for pickling, blending in a smoothie, tossing in a salad or eating straight up for a cooling and crunchy snack.

Enjoy your bounty. Happy Summer!


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