14 Ways A State Of Mindfulness Pays Rich Dividends To Mental And Physical Health…

14 Ways A State Of Mindfulness Pays Rich Dividends To Mental And Physical Health

Mindfulness improves mood and emotions by lowering negative thoughts and reducing anxiety and stress. It ensures a healthy life by enabling a healthy mind to run a healthier body. Here are some ways in which mindfulness or meditation helps in boosting one’s health.

1) Balancing emotions- Meditation can help in boosting one’s spirit and invite positivity, helping one to cope and eliminate any negative thought processes. It, in turn, reduces anxiety, stress, depression, and other harmful products of the mind. The emotional well-being of a person ensures a better perspective in his/ her life and helps him/ her to manage and cope with stress. It also helps in increasing one’s concentration.

2) Increasing grey matter- According to the examinations done by Britta Hölzel of Harvard Medical School, mindfulness meditation helps in increasing the grey matter of the people. It increases the efficiency of learning and retaining memory in the hippocampus of the brain. Thus, it’s not surprising that successful people practice mindfulness meditation every single day.

3) Killing the silent killer- Meditation has proven to help reduce several negative emotions and thought processes and even increasing one’s learning capabilities. There is no doubt that it therefore reduces and eliminates stress, the silent killer. Mindfulness meditation maintains the equilibrium of the body and mind, which thus helps in dealing with stress.

4) Staying healthy- People practicing meditation regularly, have a healthy outlook in life. It helps them to enjoy their lives and reach their full potential by being productive. All these are positive thoughts built up using meditation.

5) Resistance to diseases- As per a Harvard Medical School study, people who indulge in meditation for an extended period have an increased number of active genes. These active genes act as a resistance force or barrier to various diseases and disorders. Since meditation does not have any side-effects, it makes it an even better medicine.

6) Meditation for Hepatitis C for Liver- It is a known fact according to medical studies that stress can lead to liver inflammation. Doctors prescribe medication, which includes mindfulness meditation for such patients suffering from Hepatitis C. Children have become more prone to anxiety due to the increasing burden of schools, tuitions, coaching, exams, etc. These factors cause their mind to get immersed in negative thought processes. Ultimately, this built-up stress then attacks their livers. Doctors believe that the people and children who meditate regularly are less prone to liver diseases and Hepatitis C. Due to stress, the killer cells multiply in the liver, which increases the anxiety levels in children and adults. Therapists say that targeting stress with meditation relaxes nerves and acts as hypnosis to the pressure. It is common to come across hepatitis symptoms in children. But one shouldn’t panic. Instead, one should focus more on teaching the habit of practicing meditation.

7) Healthy heart- People with less stress and anxiety levels have healthier hearts than others. And these people are the ones who indulge in practicing meditation religiously.

8) Slow Aging- Meditation has proven to be a factor for slowing the process of aging. It is an established and long-known fact that people with less stress, anxiety, tension tend to live more than those who take a lot of pressure. Cells repeatedly divide in the lifespan of a person, and this division process increases with diseases or stress. Telomeres are proteins responsible for protection against aging. This protein can get a boost through mindfulness. People who indulge in the meditation technique or exercise for a long duration have long telomere lengths, which results in a slow aging process.

9) Psychological Pain- It is a significant factor that is responsible for the depreciation of the human mind. According to Jon-Kabat Zinn, meditation helps to cope with pain, anxiety, depression, and stress, which accompanies illness. He found that people who meditated every single day were less prone to such situations when suffering from chronic diseases.

10) Improve Attention- Meditation helps a person to focus more on the work. It increases the concentration power of a person’s brain. It has come to the attention of doctors that by meditating for four days a week, one can enhance and sustain one’s attention level.

11) Boosting immunity- The immune system of the body is responsible for fighting against diseases and external micro-organisms that are harmful to one’s body. According to several studies, it has come to the surface that meditation has increased the level of T-cell activity in the person’s body suffering from HIV or breast cancer. A study later proved that mindfulness meditation not only increases the strength of immunity in the body but also gives it a boost to fight even cancer and HIV.

12) Better Sleep- Sleep is essential for the body to get rest and charged up for the next day. But a person with stress, anxiety, depression cannot get a good sleep. For stabilizing one’s sleep, meditation is essential to provide rest to both body and mind.

13) Progress in weight loss- Meditation can help in focusing on a goal that a person wants to achieve. Meditation helps in coping with stress eating, which has been seen in obese people.

14) Eliminating loneliness- Loneliness becomes a part of one’s life when one starts getting old, loses one’s spouse when one’s children start studying abroad or get jobs outside the city. Meditation is known for reducing stress and other harmful elements of the mind. It provides a boost to the person’s brain towards positivity and thus helps him/her in getting out of loneliness.

Meditation is a simple process or exercise of the mind, meant to provide relaxation to the brain. The Buddhists had spread this technique all over the world. They strived to help people by teaching them how to get rid of their negative thoughts. Doctors are conducting more research on the beneficial aspects of the meditation. Today, everyone is trying to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. People have stopped catering to the needs of their bodies, but one should not forget that health is everything. Health should not be compromised at any cost. Everyone should practice meditation at least once a day to acknowledge their healing powers and gain from the practice.


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