The Mini-Smudging Guide: How To Do It And What Sacred Herbs To Use…

The Mini-Smudging Guide: How To Do It And What Sacred Herbs To Use


Most people have heard that Smudging is an ancient practice done by many cultures throughout history, particularly in India and by Native Americans.

And many people have also heard that smudging is used to clear negative energy in a space or room, along with the body, mind, and spirit of energies that might be hurting your wellbeing.

But the big news for smudging circulating around the web is the recent discovery that it actually releases negative ions. In turn, this actually helps to destroy bacteria and release feel-good chemicals in the brain, encouraging a feeling of wellness that’s believed to encourage healing and overall health.

So how do you take advantage of these miraculous benefits in the best way possible?

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How to Smudge

Smudging can be done with several different methods:

  • With a smudge bowl and sacred herbs directly lit or burned on a coal tablet.
  • Tying the herbs together and burning in bundles, using a smudge bowl such as a shell.

The sacred smoke is used to cleanse an individual or space from moods or dispositions that retract from their wellbeing and higher consciousness. To do this, smoke is ‘washed’ over the person or object with a feather or by fanning the smoke with the hand.

Smudging and the Varieties of Sacred Herbs:

  • Sage: removes negativity
  • Myrrh: enlightenment, youthfulness, and truth
  • Sweetgrass: gentleness, love, and kindness of Mother Earth
  • Cedar: restorative and transformative
  • Lavender: protection, cleansing and attracting love

Guidelines and Tips

When practicing smudging at home, it’s important to remember what the purpose is. The smudging ceremony, ideally, ought to be performed when:

  • Before and after a guest enters your home
  • Before meditation or yoga
  • Directly following a heated argument
  • Subsequent to any mental or physical illness
  • When you move into a space — or returning after an extended period of time
  • At the forefront of a new beginning — personal or professional

Step-By-Step Breakdown:

  1. Before beginning the ritual, open a window or door.
  2. Place the sacred herbs of your choice in an abalone shell or clay bowl.
  3. Light the blessing herbs with a match.
  4. Gently blow out the flame, allowing to herbs to continue to smolder.
  5. Take the smoke and emblematically wash your hands the smoke, submerging your eyes, ears, brain, and heart through the herbaceous fumes.
  6. Once finished, you can leave the bowl in a safe secure place and let it burn out, allowing the fragrant vapors to fill the space.


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