5 Simple Strategies To Beat Post-Holiday Bloat…

5 Simple Strategies To Beat Post-Holiday Bloat

Holiday bloat is a real thing guys. Here's how you beat it!

A little indulgence is good for the soul — especially when shared with family, friends, community, or, in a spirit of general gratitude. Quite often we can come out the other side feeling sluggish, bloated, and, craving the carbs and sugar we treated ourselves to for special occasions on a more ongoing basis. In this article, we’ll outline some ways to do a fairly short but powerful cleanse to reset our digestive system, appetite, and, even metabolism.

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5 ways to beat post-holiday bloat

1) A liquid fast can help relieve the gut of the aftermath of eating processed bread, cakes, meat, alcohol and the like – all of which can leave our guts in a less than optimal state. Depending on your preferences, you might start your day with some lightly caffeinated teas during the first half, to help the system start moving and give you some energy. Adding a teaspoon or so of coconut oil to each cup of tea can really help with the moving part (and, satiate a bit of the hunger). Adding a few shakes of turmeric helps with inflammation. (If you need a few drips of local honey to offset the bitterness of the turmeric, go for it.)

Yerba mate would be an ideal tea for this occasion. The loose leaves can be brewed just like coffee, in a regular coffee maker, if you want to make whole pots at a time.

2) As part of the liquid fast, consider adding in some probiotics to bring the good bacteria back to healthy levels in your gut. (This is especially important if you’ve been on any antibiotics recently.) A great addition to a liquid fast is miso broth. And, a great addition to miso broth is nutritional yeast. The yeast will dissolve into the probiotic broth and offer a spectrum of nutrients, including anti-stress B vitamins which may help take the edge off the fasting mindset. Kombucha is another option for a probiotic and a fun break from other teas, which can also help stave off the hunger pains a little.

Sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime can also add to the general cleanse, add nutrients, and, help you feel fuller during the duration.

3) Another addition to experiment with is iodine supplementation. Talk with your doctor if you have a thyroid condition before experimenting with iodine. A significant portion of the global population is iodine deficient. If you mainly use non-iodized salt (such as sea salt) you could be at a greater risk for deficiency. Regardless, when used properly, if you don’t have any underlying conditions which would contraindicate supplementing with iodine, it can be a wonderful cleansing agent. Iodine can really get your system moving, potentially even increase your metabolism, and, cleanse your body of all sorts of toxins, including heavy metals.

One last caveat about iodine supplementation: Make sure to not supplement with iodine at the same time you are taking other vitamins, medications, or, the like–as iodine will decrease the absorption of anything taken with it because it is such a powerful cleanser.

4) Magnesium can be a wonderful agent for calming frantic post-holiday nerves, helping to get a good night’s sleep, and, also getting the system moving again. The powdered, water-soluble form would be most effective for use as part of a liquid fast. It is thought that much of the population is currently magnesium deficient as well.

5) Get plenty of sleep. Easier said than done, right? Well, not necessarily. Skip the coffee and lattes for a couple days, opt for gentler teas (such as yerba mate, green tea, or black tea) and halfway through the day switch to a calming tea (such as chamomile, kava, or lavender). Start gearing your system down about halfway through the day so that by bedtime you’re not hitting the bed frazzled and jittery. If you need extra supplementation to get to sleep, try a reputable brand of melatonin, and/or a (likewise reputable) CBD supplement.

The combination of melatonin and CBD is emerging as a preferred and effective natural sleep aid for many.


If you follow a liquid diet designed to cleanse your system, heal your gut, and re-set your appetite, you can come away from the holidays in great shape. Get your system moving, cleanse it while it’s empty, reset the gut bacteria, and give your body plenty of time to rest and regenerate. Put your own spin on it and have fun–maybe not as much fun as your last holiday bash…but getting creative about making self-care enjoyable can go a long way!


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