Sacred And Non-Sacred Planets


Let’s turn our attention now to a more detailed and abstract piece of esoteric astrology, sacred and non-sacred planets. This is something that has no parallel in regular, or exoteric, astrology, so it may be difficult to work with initially, but it is an important component of esoteric astrology in general. In esoteric astrology, these two categories of planets address soul function of the individual vs the incarnated self, also known as the personality self.

Let’s begin by defining the categories. The first thing to keep in mind is that there is a logos for each planet. What is a logos, you ask? According to H.P. Blavatsky, it is “The manifested deity with every nation and people; the outward expression, or the effect of the cause which is ever concealed.” In other words, the logos (A Greek word meaning ‘word,’ ‘speech,’ or ‘reason.’) is how something manifests into reality, and illustrates the principles behind said noun. A modern day example of this is what is happening right now in the USA. Subjects of racism, toxic nationalism, and the influence of religion on society are all manifesting as extremes and powerful ones at that. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of the founding of the USA had to do with those themes, too, so what we see right now is a manifestation of what the essence of the USA is. As a matter of fact, yes, essence is a good parallel for logos. Even though the manifestations are extreme right now, they are also major themes the founders of the nation enveloped when they revolted and founded this nation. If you look at American history, you can see what I mean. Therefore, the logos of America is one of freedom vs restriction, inclusion vs exclusion, and respecting one’s beliefs yet keeping those beliefs out of public society (In a perfect world…). These are just a few qualities of the logos of the USA, but I give this here as an example of what a logos is.

When it comes to esoteric astrology, what this means is that each planet has a logos, or a form of expression of underlying principles. However, there is a caveat to mention, which is that the names of all the logoi have not been revealed to us. Metaphysics, and esoterica in general tell us that the reason for this is that we as a species are not ready for the currently hidden information. As we spiritually develop, this information will further be revealed. D.K. also states that the names of the logoi are at least known to him, but they are not available for exoteric publication. As with many things in occultism, the truth is probably a little bit of both. The reason this is important to know is that a planet is considered sacred when its logos has taken five of the major cosmic initiations. Part of these initiations have to do with developing inclusiveness, and in Theosophy, there is a lot more that is said about these. The logoic expression of sacred planets is also said to be in telepathic contact with a corresponding star in the Big Dipper constellation. They also express the soul of an individual, whereas non-sacred planets address the personality self.

This information may seem abstract, but a way to put this to work for you is to know that in the unawakened masses of humanity, non-sacred planets rule the chart, whereas to the initiate and spiritual seeker, the sacred planets rule. Another way you can use this material is to know and understand that when you find a non-sacred planet in your chart, it would be wise to work with themes of inclusiveness, and shifting from a personality perspective to a soul perspective. Also, each planet corresponds to one of the seven rays, which means you can see what ray is at work in a particular life area, as is defined by the house the planet is located in. I’m a big fan of lists, so here’s a handy-dandy one to help you with your studies:

Planet Corresponding Ray Sacred or Non-Sacred Logos’ Name

The Sun 2nd Ray: Love/Wisdom Non-Sacred Helios

The Moon 4th Ray: Harmony through Conflict Non-Sacred Chandra

Vulcan 1st Ray: Will Power Sacred *

Mercury 4th Ray: Harmony through Conflict Sacred

Venus 5th Ray: Concrete Science Sacred

Earth 3rd Ray: Active Intelligence Sacred Sanat Kumara

Mars 6th Ray: Devotion Non-Sacred *

Jupiter 2nd Ray: Love/Wisdom Sacred *

Saturn 3rd Ray: Active Intelligence Sacred * ^

Uranus 7th Ray: Ceremony & Magick Sacred ^

Neptune 6th Ray: Devotion Sacred ^

Pluto 1st Ray: Will Power Non-Sacred

*-The logos of these planets are not available for exoteric publication.

^-These logoi relate to Sanat Kumara.

There is also a cosmic logos, and its name is OAWNMBS, which emanated from the navel of Brahma, the generator god of Hinduism. Also, if you notice, the planet Vulcan is on the list, but not newly discovered ones, such as Eris. Keep in mind that this material is not newer than the 1950s, and a lot has happened since then regarding understanding our solar system. Vulcan is a planet that does not exist on the physical plane, but rather on the astral plane, and it is unique to esoteric astrology. The recently discovered planets not listed above have not been worked with enough to know much about them at this time. I could speculate on them, but a book would be a better format for that than here.

I hope this serves as a good beginning primer to sacred and non-sacred planets in esoteric astrology. Now it is up to you to put this information to work for you. What is going on with these planets in your charts? How do they manifest in your day to day life?

Until next time…

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