Protecting Your Aura: Through COVID And Beyond…

Protecting Your Aura: Through COVID And Beyond

As we gradually emerge from lockdown, the question reverberating on everyone’s minds is, how do we keep ourselves safe? Is there any way to protect against the contagion of COVID outside of a vaccine? In answer to this, there are certainly methods which can help retard the chances of infection and it all starts with how we manage our energy, which means: cleansing and protecting our aura. Contrary to popular belief, we actually inhabit two bodies: the physical body and the energetic or spiritual body. The existence of our spiritual body is rarely acknowledged, yet it is our most important shell, the epicenter of where all imbalance and illness originates.

We’re conscious of our own personal hygiene and the necessity to shower every day, but no regard is given to the Spiritual Body, hence it’s left unkempt.

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How can you unify the terminology?

Spiritual Body, aura, human energy field, or energy field – to understand the human energy field, it helps to imagine it like a sponge. We absorb a plethora of negativity via our daily interactions, either through environmental pollution or negativity from other people. This negativity, once embedded into the aura cannot extricate itself independently, as such, we need to adopt a regime of cleansing in order to eradicate its existence. Unless we manually remove these baneful influences from our energy field, they will only fester over time – permeating into the physical body and resulting in illness.

It’s important to note that some diseases such as colds and viruses travel in through the aura and incubate for several days before eventually manifesting in the body. This is why energy management is of paramount importance. In order to counteract against unwanted energetic influence from populating in the first place, we should be cleansing and protecting our outer shell to render it impregnable. The importance of spiritual cleansing has been widely acknowledged among prosperous ancient civilizations, passing down their knowledge throughout the ages. Today, many people still adopt a practice of daily or weekly depuration as a means of maintaining optimum energetic health. It’s a way to purge the weekly woes, whether you’re experiencing a stressful episode at work, a difficult relationship, or dealing with fractious individuals.

All this extraneous ‘clutter’ that we zap up needs to be debunked before it gets the chance to exacerbate our health. Certain situations can even create vulnerabilities in the aura which in turn facilitates an ‘open door’ for a whole host of other maladies to enter in. This is why it’s critical for the aura to be kept sealed. It’s the same principle as going out on a sunny day without wearing sunscreen, you’d get burnt. In the same way we protect the physical body, the spiritual body needs some TLC too.

In this unprecedented time, many of us will have experienced feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, and grief. It’s essential to press the internal reset button to eliminate the harmful effects that these emotions perpetuate in the system. Hopefully, the following tips will help you to navigate out of lockdown as safely as possible but most importantly, serve as a future tool for managing your energy and safeguarding against potential detriment going forwards. If you like, you can call it Spiritual PPE (Purify + Protecting Energy)!

Pimp up your face mask

Face masks have now become the new “norm”. It seems quite logical to further enhance their functionality to guarantee optimum defense. In order to do this, we can take inspiration from the Great Plague of the 1600’s where the only people who didn’t get sick (and die) were the physicians who made ample use of herbs and essences to abate the infection. You may recall seeing pictures of doctors from that era wearing beaked masks over their heads? Well, those so-called masks were filled with purifying herbs which, by all accounts, did the job.

You can simulate a similar effect yourself by adding a few drops of essential oil to your face masks before heading outside. The main oil to use in this instance is tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), as it possesses strong antiviral properties. The only pointer is that you need to buy high-grade essential oils, as many cheaper varieties are largely synthetic and carry little therapeutic properties.

Wearing face masks, in general, is slightly counterproductive as you regurgitate your own CO2 and bacteria, therefore any enhancement which enables you to cleanse the air as you breathe can only be a bonus.

Sage (Smudging)

The burning of sage or smudge sticks has been used since (almost) the beginning of time by numerous cultures for purification. Principally, sage was used to drive out evil spirits, but more commonly today it is used to purify the home and spaces, as well as cleanse the body. It’s scientifically proven that sage transmutes harmful positive ions (+), to negative (-), thus confirming its efficacy.

If you’re in an environment where you can readily burn sage, this is an excellent opportunity to cleanse your space as well as your aura. To cleanse your aura, simply let the smoke waft around your body and, in particular, your Chakra points if you know where they’re located. Smudging can be done after any interaction with the outside world if you’re feeling particularly paranoid about what you might pick up.

Essential oil diffuser

Similarly, you can also cleanse your environment with an essential oil diffuser. The two main oils to use are tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus). Both are scientifically proven to be formidable antiviral agents.

Herb baths

This is my number one go-to for all energy management requirements. In addition to their culinary uses, a lot of herbs also possess metaphysical properties that can be exploited to influence the energy field. The practice of bathing for therapeutic benefit dates back to Ancient Egypt and the tradition throughout time has never waned.

Herb baths serve a dual purpose for either expunging negative influence from your life (whilst protecting), or drawing positive influences in. The herb solution, as such, acts a bit like a magnet, locking into your aura and sealing it tight.

Typically speaking, a herb bath should be taken once a week to cleanse and protect the energy field. However, if you’ve undergone a heavy period of depression, stress or grief, then a 9-day consecutive bath will usually be necessary to remove very “persistent” energies that won’t budge. The following bath can be taken 3 times a week as an antiviral preventative measure. If you’re in an environment where you’re interacting with the general public on a daily basis, then most definitely your protection will need to be ramped up quite heavily.

Antivirus bath


  1. Put 1 tablespoon of each of the dried herbs into a bowl, then cover with a full kettle of boiling water.
  2. Leave the mixture to steep for 20 minutes then strain into a hot bath.
  3. Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes, submerging your head where possible so that your Crown Chakra is also covered. You can also use this time to meditate or pray.
  4. When finished, do not towel dry. Let the body air dry so the solution can lock into your aura.

Here are some herbs that you can use in these baths:

    • Peppermint: Antiviral, fights infection, clears the lungs and the mind, wards off unwanted energies, protects your money
    • Fennel: Protects against infection, clears the lungs
    • Rue: Protects against malefic energies, antitoxic, suppresses coughing
    • Ginger: Kills bacteria, fights infectious diseases, clears the lungs and the mind, combats fever, provides a ‘fiery’ wall of protection around the energy field
    • Eucalyptus: Protects against an epidemic, antiviral, fights infection, clears the lungs, combats fever, breaks negative and repetitive thought patterns, and bad habits

Don’t be tempted to add bubble bath or oils to the mix. It’s not supposed to be pretty, it’s a straight-up defense formula!


Meditation is integral to all protection work as it keeps our energetic vibration high. When our vibration is low, disease enters the body. This is clinically proven. When we’re in a state of fear or stress, our immune system becomes compromised and we become sick. Not everyone finds it easy to meditate however, therefore alternative methods of inducing a meditative state can be found such as listening to music, exercising, being in nature or going for a brisk walk. Anything that helps you zone out and increase your energy can be deemed as meditative.

Purification with ammonia

These days I tend to use household ammonia in lieu of regular disinfectant as it’s much more potent. Nothing survives ammonia! Unlike bleach, you can add ammonia to your laundry to kill any presiding bacteria.

Lastly, have no fear

There’s always something we can do to help ourselves. We don’t have to fall victim to current events. Although solutions may not be clear, we can always refer back into the vaults and take inspiration from our Ancestors in order to know how best to proceed forwards.

If you’d like more information about energy management, I’d be happy to provide a bespoke consultation.

Stay safe!


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