How To Prevent And Reduce PMS

Ladies all over the world dread that infamous time of each month, because the very notion of cramps, nausea, and other accompanying symptoms can wreak havoc in our lives in a matter of minutes. However, resorting to heavy medication can do more harm than good for your long-term health, and your body will quickly become “immune” to the effects of those medications – which is precisely why we need a more holistic, healing-focused approach that will prevent and minimize the effects of your next PMS.

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Try some Yoga

Perhaps the idea of any form of physical activity doesn’t appeal to you knowing how your body acts up before and during your period, but research has shown that exercise has a profoundly beneficial effect on your overall well-being, even during those pesky days. If you ever needed any extra motivation to join a yoga class, then this is your perfect opportunity to make the most of this incredible practice!

This ancient discipline is a healing combination of physically challenging positions, each of them serving a specific purpose such as relieving pain, bloating, or anxiety, paired with breathing patterns that help your body melt away the tension. The stretches done in a yoga class are also beneficial as they aim to help your body remove those knots and muscle stiffness that often comes with our modern lifestyle, and all of these perks combined make for a great remedy for your PMS pains.

Mindful Meditation

Some of us struggle with our sugar cravings, while others simply feel drained and still cannot sleep normally despite their best efforts. These are just some among many PMS symptoms, all of which can disrupt your day beyond repair. Practicing daily meditation is another great way to prepare your body for this time of the month, and discover new, intrinsic mechanisms that will let your pain subside.

From reducing muscle tension, helping you focus on positive thoughts and emotions, all the way to balancing your hormones and warding off stress, mindful meditation is a number-one daily habit that can help you heal your PMS-induced troubles. Plus, with a more mindful mindset, you will not succumb to those cravings that affect your health and well-being.

Opt for Natural Remedies

Mother Nature is brimming with healing herbs and spices that are not only delicious and nutritious, but are also incredibly potent pain-killers and healers. Among them, a few stand out as the best option for your PMS issues, both physical and emotional.

One of them is the spice called turmeric, due to its high content of a compound called curcumin with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It can be consumed in a wide variety of ways, from drinking it as a tea, supplementing your diet, to using it to spice up your food, and you can add it to your healthy smoothies. Another option can be red raspberry leaf, which can be consumed as a tea as well. It helps reduce those nasty cramps, due to its rich micronutrient content, especially calcium, potassium and B vitamins. You can also resort to tinctures with herbs such as Valerian root, which is famous for its antispasmodic effects, and it can help with cramps as well as emotional issues.

Tweak Your Diet

Although your urge to munch on chocolate might persevere until you start incorporating meditation, you should focus on creating a healing menu rich in nutrient-dense foods that will improve your body’s natural resilience to various PMS symptoms, and reduce them with consistent care. For example, foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or avocados, are an excellent choice for these sensitive days. However, you should also focus on diversifying your menu with a wide range of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens brimming with fiber and magnesium that will help your body minimize cramps.

Introduce Aromatherapy

A simple, yet effective way to make yourself feel more comfortable and ease your PMS symptoms is via the use of essential oils. Used in relaxing and revitalizing massages, inhalation, as well as orally, these oils have numerous benefits for your pain-ridden body and soul. In aromatherapy, every oil and mix have their own particular purpose, and finding your perfect match will help you fend of PMS.

For example, since insomnia is a common PMS symptom, lavender, jasmine, and rose are some of the top choices for helping you restore your circadian rhythm. As for your aches and pains, you can try using peppermint or chamomile, while ginger is famous for its power to heal gastrointestinal issues. While each of these methods may work individually, you can also combine them all and create your own healing ritual for those challenging days.


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