10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Eating And Using Clays…

10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Eating And Using Clays

Using clay - particularly eating it - can be a hugely advantageous part of staying healthy.

There is a huge list of cultures around the world that use clays for healing.

The Essenes who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, Azteca and Incas of Central and South America, tribes in Africa, Australian aborigines, Native Americans, French and Germans in spas, and of course, Ayurveda in India.

So why do all these people use a seemingly bland and gross material like clay for purification?

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1 – Helps to Get Rid of Toxins – Clay helps get rid of toxins in our GI tract and body in general. It does this by binding with heavy metals and toxic bacteria, thereby eliminating them from our digestive system. It’s particularly great for getting rid of lead, and cadmium. Clay also helps to detox the liver, skin, and kidneys. Study in the American Journal of Nutrition shows that eating clays helps to detox the body and add trace minerals. Also helps with healing diarrhea and replenishing trace minerals.

2 – Helps with Probiotics and Boosting Our Immune System – There have been studies on animals showing that supplementation with certain kinds of clays that contain probiotics build up the immune system and help keep away disease. And clays also seem to improve digestion.

3 – May Help Prevent Cancer – Clay contains lots of agents that help prevent DNA damage and heal DNA damage, thus helping to prevent oxidative stress which can lead to cancer.

4 – Kills Viruses – Clay soils have been proven in laboratory studies to kill adenoviruses and many other disease-causing viruses, thereby helping to prevent some respiratory diseases.

5 – Great for Purifying Water – Taking a natural clay and adding magnesium works great for purifying water.

6 – Contains Lots of Trace Minerals – Eating clays contains lots of trace minerals. When foods are depleted of trace minerals including magnesium. Most clays contain from 50 to 70 different trace minerals.

7 – Great for the Skin and Inflammation – Have a clay mud bath as a spa or at home is a great way to detox your whole body. This is why so many people go to mineral baths and cover themselves with mineral-rich clays and feel great once they rinse it all off. Plus their skin glows with, health, vibrancy, and luster. And many who suffer from contact dermatitis seem to heal with clay baths. Adding a 1/3 cup of clay to your bath soothes away irritations.

8 – Helps with Lowering Cholesterol and Weight Loss – Studies show that taking a clay supplement can help people lose weight and lower their cholesterol.

9 – Improves Thyroid Function – Some studies show that taking a clay supplement might help with hyperthyroidism and balance thyroid function.

10 – Good for Your Teeth and Gums – Using clays help prevent bacteria and viruses in our mouth from growing out of control and causing disease. That is why many people add clays to their homemade toothpaste or rinse with clays after brushing.

  • Forms – You can find red clays, white clays, brown clays, green clays, bentonite clay, and many other forms of clay.
  • Finding – You can find clays at your local health food store, on amazon.com, and on eBay.com
  • Dose – Most are taking internally at the rate of 1 teaspoon daily, but that may vary depending on the condition.

Make sure your clay does not contain heavy metals, and your clay is made for internal use. Clays should not be used by those who are pregnant, nursing, or small children.


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