5 Things You Can Do Outside To Recharge Your Batteries…

5 Things You Can Do Outside To Recharge Your Batteries

Unfortunately, our jobs seemingly take over our lives, without a second thought of our own private lives. In the workplace, we’re exposed to artificial sounds, lights, and scents that can dull our mental stimulation. However, going outside and recharging our personal batteries can help improve our mind and body. Here’s how:

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1. Swimming

Swimming is a great outdoor workout that exercises the entire body. It also works to burn calories and increase our metabolism. And, if you choose the right kind of water-based exercise regimen, it can also be restorative. Swimming helps prevent stress. In fact, just being in water can dull sensory information that may usually be overwhelming your body. Ever tried floating? It brings you into a meditative kind of state due to the sensation of water against your skin and the sounds that become muffled once you’re submerged in water. Underwater sounds are even used in guided sleep meditation because of the state of relaxation they can bring.

Some further benefits of swimming include:

  • Creates a sense of contentment
  • Liberating and improves your focus
  • Great for those who don’t have an established exercise routine

2. Meditation and Yoga

Why do you think so many meditation centers and monasteries are located in forests? Primarily, because of the tranquility and beauty, they have to offer. The amount of artificial indoor exposure can damage our senses and dull our minds. Especially if you live a fast-paced city lifestyle, you don’t necessarily have the time to travel far and experience nature and the mindfulness it can offer. That’s why many people practice yoga and meditation in city parks, the closest thing we have to forests that are within everybody’s reach.

Some of the many benefits of meditation and yoga are:

  • Helps maintain mood and anxiety disorders
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Improved overall work performance

3. Camping

Camping can help you gain newly found self-confidence, as well as new skills, such as locating food and water, creating shelter, and lighting fire. You get to take a break from your daily routine. As much as “disconnecting” is great and necessary, you can still make the experience more safe and easier on yourself and your camping buddies by having some tools on hand like the navigation system, signal booster or a flashlight.

Apart from finding inner peace, there are a few additional benefits you can experience from going camping with your family and friends:

  • Developing better socialization skills
  • More exercise than everyday life
  • You’ll end up eating healthier

4. Cycling

Everybody knows that exercise can help you to become healthier, happier, and more energized. Cycling is unique in that it is also a fantastic means of transport. By biking to and from work, you can boost your physical activity, improve your mood and reduce the morning stress (while saving money as well). Additionally, cycling can also help to improve your brain power. When you pedal, your nerves work harder than they usually do. This causes new brain cells to be created quicker and more efficiently which boosts your ability to focus and create new ideas.

When riding your bike, you are also:

  • losing weight and building your muscles
  • improving your immune system, your lungs
  • helping to reduce the risk of certain diseases

All of this coupled with the stress relief that cycling provides makes this one of the best ways to boost your energy levels while enjoying fresh air and the scents and colors of nature.

5. Gardening

Another great way to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature is by gardening. By cultivating your own garden at home or joining a community garden, you can regularly enjoy all that nature has to offer. From the fresh air to the sunlight, there is so much to love about gardening. Designing and cultivating your garden helps you to unleash your creative side, improve your focus and reduce stress. The latter comes from more than just being outdoors – you forget all about your troubles and simply focus on your plants and flowers.

It teaches you to appreciate the here and now, not to focus on the past or future or any mistakes and imperfections they may hold. Being outdoors can help you recharge your batteries and get your life back on track. From camping to cycling, there are plenty of activities you can do outdoors to feel better. Even if you feel mentally stuck, being outdoors can literally change your life. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head outdoors and be the change you want to see in yourself.


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