Why Nourishing Your Body Well Is So Important When You Are Expanding Spiritually…

Why Nourishing Your Body Well Is So Important When You Are Expanding Spiritually

I’m a firm believer in nourishing our beings in a holistic way; mind, body & spirit. Our bodies are irreplaceable and we all too often take our health for granted. There is no money in the world that can buy your health back once you’ve let it decline to the point of no return.

Now the important thing to note here is that there is no “right” way to fuel your body and there is no one nutrition plan “fits all” when it comes to our health. We are all unique individuals with individual needs and it’s important to always remember that.

When you’re on a spiritual journey, experiencing an entirely new way of expansion, it is even more important to pay attention to the foods we are putting in our bodies and how they affect us energetically. This is where intuitive eating comes into play. It’s crucial that we start eating intuitively and mindfully. Paying attention to the foods that make us feel energized and nourished, versus tired and depleted.

When we burden our organs with chemically ridden foods, we block the flow of energy coursing through us. When we fuel our bodies with foods that do not serve our highest good, we put unnecessary stress on our beings, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Our bodies are truly intricate and there are no organs nor are there any systems in our being that aren’t interconnected and intertwined.

When our bodies are under stress because we are choosing foods that do not suit us, we create blocks, that then create dis-ease; whether it be brain fog, migraines, joint pain, aches, etc. This isn’t only true for chemically ridden foods, although they are the biggest culprits.

Some foods that are good and healthy for one, may not be for all. For example pineapple has amazing health benefits, however some people are intolerant to it. Cabbage is extremely good for one persons gut while causing another intestinal issues. Thus the reason for intuitive & mindful eating. You and you alone know best how to nourish YOU.

The problem I see most often, for having experienced it myself is this; we’ve been eating a particular way for so long, that it’s hard to know whether a food makes us feel good or not, because we’re not necessarily paying attention. We’re in such a constant state of dis-comfort that we barely realize it anymore, until we start paying attention, until we really start tuning into what our body is telling us.

There’s also another way to find out, you can always reach out to your naturopath and get an IGA test which shows which foods you are intolerant to, however there will be nothing more accurate than your inner compass.

When you’re trying to raise your frequency, nutrition should be a big part of that effort. Eckart Tolle says : “ Be present with the food you are eating and the right food choice will happen for you.”

It’s important to try different things, new foods. Make sure your plate is colorful, not by way of food coloring but by in the produce you choose. When we fuel our bodies properly, everything flows with ease and grace and so our energetic flow allows us to be more in tune with who we are, receive the messages and downloads meant to be received without any unnecessary blockages.

This article is not about being vegetarian or vegan or keto or any other lifestyle in particular. It’s really about you fine tuning what’s right for you, because that’s the only truth there is.

When our bodies are functioning optimally, our mind is clear, our heart is open and we can allow the energy within us to guide us clearly. When we are constantly making choices that are for our highest and most benevolent outcome, we start to really thrive!

I invite you today, and every day really, to make a few changes in the way you enjoy your food. Here are a few things that have helped me tremendously.

#1 Be grateful for the foods on your plate. We take for granted the abundance of foods available to us when it truly is a gift.

#2 Choose high quality foods. Choose organic when you can or locally, buy more produce and less processed foods. Pay attention to ingredients and buy foods that are ingredients rather than ones that are filled with ingredients.

#3 Be mindful of where your food is coming from and give thanks for those that grew and harvested the foods on your plate, the rich soil in which it grew, the water that allowed it to blossom, the animal that sacrificed it’s life to fuel yours.

#4 Take your time and this one is a tough one for many. We eat in a hurry because we’re rushing to get to the next thing on our “to do” list that all too often we barely taste our foods. Take time to chew well and enjoy the explosion of flavors in your mouth. Really take the time to appreciate the foods that you are eating. Play with flavors when you are cooking, try something new, expand your pallet.

#5 When you are cooking, do it with love. Love infused food always tastes that much better!

When you’re on your spiritual journey, you are doing the work to elevate not only your spirit, but your entire being!


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