How Music Can Affect The Brain And Treat Addiction…

How Music Can Affect The Brain And Treat Addiction

Music is integrated into our world. There are sounds and vibration all around us. Music has been used for centuries in rituals, celebrations, religious ceremonies, and healing. Treatment and healing centers use different forms of therapies, including music therapy, for therapeutic purposes.

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Music in Society

Buddhism commonly uses chanting along with the playing of drums and other instruments. Chanting during mindfulness meditation can help people on the road to enlightenment. Nature sounds, instruments, and soft hymns enhance the Buddhist mindfulness meditation experience and assist people in becoming centered. Music has an amazing impact on the human spirit, mood, and mind.

Modern science has confirmed that music influences the human mind and body. The civilizations of the past knew the healing abilities of music. Native Americans often used music and dance in healing ceremonies for members suffering from illness. Native Americans said that they received healing songs through visions and dreams and performed them after fasting for days to heal the sick.

Performers play the Native American flute frequently during ceremonies and rituals. Studies have found that the Native American flute can create extraordinary effects on the heart, nervous system, and brain. Playing the Native American flute can increase the benefits of breathing exercises in meditation. It reinforces the effects of meditation on the brain and provides stress relief. Like other arts, music is a form of expression. Both the artist and admirer can explore their emotions through the art of music. Music touches the soul. The right song can stir a range of emotions. It can awaken a spiral of emotions to help release negative or positive energy.

How Healing Occurs

The philosopher Aristotle discussed his theory on how music can purge and purify the soul: “Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul. When one listens to music that imitates a certain passion, he becomes imbued with the same passion; and if over a long time he habitually listens to music that rouses ignoble passions, his whole character will be shaped to an ignoble form.” Aristotle believed that healing can occur when we go through our emotions, a process known as catharsis, instead of avoiding them. According to Aristotle, listening to music is one of the many ways we can purify ourselves. What kind of music moves you when you want to celebrate a victory or mourn the loss of a relationship? A particular song can evoke feelings relating to an experience. And this can spark the same feelings inside us.

Music is known for releasing memories and unearthing repressed emotions. Scientists have found a link between our emotions and music. Brain-imaging scans have shown that music can spark activity in brain areas related to mood or emotions. Researchers have found that certain familiar songs can evoke past vivid memories and emotions. Music’s effect on our emotions is a real phenomenon. The ancient Greeks tapped into the power of music for therapeutic and healing therapies. They believed that there was a relationship between musical rhythm and temperament. The ancient Greeks discovered how music could affect the human mind.

Scientific evidence has shown that playing or listening to music or other activities triggers the brain to release a chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for many functions such as body movement, storing memories, retrieving memories, motivation, and reward activities in the brain. Professionals use music therapy for serious ailments such as addiction. Professionals at facilities listed on Chapters Capistrano’s Drug Rehab Page use such treatments to address the serious nature of addiction. Our ancestors knew of the supernatural power of music. Now science has given substantial proof of the vast healing and transformation powers it can have on the human brain and mood.


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