Why Loneliness Creates Health Problems…

Why Loneliness Creates Health Problems

If we feel lonely, we feel down. It’s no different than feeling sad or depressed. And when we have negative emotions taking over, those feelings suppress our immune system and eventually we come down with some kind of disease. This is talked about in all the spiritual texts that we are not to be alone. We are all ONE.

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Loneliness Makes Us Sick

First of all, studies show that when we are lonely, we have higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol in our system, which constricts blood vessels and lowers our immune system. People who have loving people in their lives have more of the oxytocin hormone, often called the love hormone that lowers stress hormones. Studies also show that oxytocin slows down the amygdala part of our brain, which forms our fight or flight response and thus helps to mitigate anger, hatred, and other negative emotions.

We Need Social Connections

Second, studies show that the fewer social connections we have, the more chances we have of getting cancer, heart disease, stroke and other illnesses.

Social Life Lengthens Our Life Span

Studies at Brigham Young University showed that the smaller our group of people that we have around us, the shorter our lifespan is. Over 140 studies show evidence that those who had a few people involved in their lives live shorter by up to 50%.

We Need Love in Our Lives

Research shows that when we have direct contact, even just holding someone’s hand, our anxiety and tension goes down.

Being Grateful for the People in Our Life Important

Fifth, studies show that if we are grateful for all the people in our life, we tend to have less pain and stress. And those who express thankfulness for those in their lives feel better than those who don’t.

Having a Social Life Helps Us to Take Care of Ourselves

People who are lonely eat more fat, drink more alcohol, smoke more often, don’t exercise and in many cases become obese, and don’t sleep well.

Every Cell Becomes More Efficient With People in Our Lives

Seven, studies show that when we are lonely, our cellular processes don’t work well. Every cell in our body becomes inefficient, and thus sooner or later, we come down with some kind of disease.

What Can We Do?

It’s important to get out of the house, join clubs for different hobbies and interests, connect with family, find people we enjoy being around, go to the senior center, join a sports team, join a church or spiritual group, volunteer at hospitals, non-profit organizations or nursing homes, and make dates with friends to do something together, to name a few. It’s all important.

And it’s talked about in the all the spiritual texts that we are not supposed to be alone. We are to be with other people. So go out and make friends. And if you are afraid to make friends, then perhaps some counseling is needed.


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