3 Easy Ways To Listen To Your Body — Even If You’re Busy…

3 Easy Ways To Listen To Your Body — Even If You’re Busy

Our bodies are designed to constantly send us signals – knowing when we are hungry or thirsty, when we are tired or simply when we have just had enough and need to switch off!

Sometimes, we are good and tuning in and listening to our body and responding to meet its need (“My tummy’s grumbling, it’s time for lunch!”). But what I have noticed from my clients over the years is that more of the time we do not fully listen and respond and this missed opportunity can lead to illness or disease that’s a bit harder to treat later down the line than if we were able to recognize and deal with it sooner. So why don’t we listen to our bodies? It’s not that we don’t want to, but we are often so busy with our lives, juggling responsibilities and so on, that perhaps we feel like there isn’t time to connect in with our body.

Instead, we plug it with what we think it needs or what’s easiest to grab– for example, mindless snacking or reaching for a pill which may work in the short term to ease the symptoms of that headache – but not quite addressing the underlying cause of a headache. And no wonder its back the next day and so the cycle continues. But I have found that by learning to listen to our body, we are more likely to find effective solutions that don’t involve quick fixes, but instead empowers us to give our body what it needs that is nourishing which is more effective and far longer lasting for long-term health and well-being. There are tons of articles out there on mindfulness but here are three practical ways that even busy people can find easy to use and listen more to our bodies:

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Pause Before Reaching for the Quick Fix

Listening to the body requires simply pausing before reaching for that ‘quick fix’ – asking yourself the question “Why?” Why do I have a headache now, is it thirst? Stress after that meeting? Lack of sleep? Being aware of what the possible cause is will more likely lead you to a more effective solution. Perhaps I just need a 15-minute nap, or let me try drinking 2 glasses of water first and see how I feel. This is far more productive and is using your own knowledge and intuition of your body to serve your body in the most natural and easiest way possible!

Use Your Five Senses to Enhance Any Experience

One clever way to slow down and enjoy the moment is to practice experiencing with every sense. At this moment, what can you hear? What do you see, what can you feel, or taste? I tried this in the Middle East on top of mountain near a place of prayer. I could hear the chatter of people. I could see beautiful scenery. I felt the wind on my face, and I tasted the breeze! Our senses are really powerful triggers, so even now months later, I can instantly recall the feeling of peace that I had when I was up there by recalling how each sense felt

Gain More Insights Through Complementary Therapies

Holistic therapies are designed to provide insights into your body’s states and are fantastic at giving you more details, and teaching you how to look for signals yourself. Some therapies like BodyTalk Healthcare system cover all aspects: physical, mental and emotional so you get full coverage.

My experience with fertility massage, for instance, was that it was a true eye-opener into what my abdomen and various organs are meant to feel like. So when I was recently ill with minor tummy indigestion I was able to recognize that something was amiss in my abdomen area. Once again, I reached for the right solution myself, without the need to see a doctor and using as many natural remedies as possible.


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