The Life Force Of Plants Can Heal Us…

The Life Force Of Plants Can Heal Us

Our modern world is filled with pollutants in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. In this three-ring circus–you just do your best, you can’t clean up every act every time.

A big part of my healing came from getting these toxins cleaned out and doing yoga and meditation to keep my mind and body balanced. Meditation on a new life is what I started right away. Yoga got me out of my rut and calmed my mind. But juicing fresh vegetables and fruits really helped my spirit and body get the memory of plant healing back into my body.  

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Plant Benefits

These plant-sourced nutrients from the juicing also revitalized my immune response. With each breakthrough of my understanding, it was the plant-based nutrients that took me through to the next level. I realized later that it was really the life force of the plants that lead the way.

Now that I am more aware of this life force, I have learned more good habits. I stuck to my meditation to find answers and show how to navigate through my life-threatening condition. Not just several habits, but many habits that helped me heal.

Little did I know that the plants were talking to me and gave me insights on what was harmful to me and secrets to a better life. Some I will share right now. I am convinced that anyone in today’s society in America would benefit from eating foods that are homegrown, something that came from plants. Our bodies mostly get sick from non-plant sources–mostly man made products! God made plants and man-made chemicals. Most of the diseases today that are from parasites, bacteria and viruses have an easier time taking hold in a weak body that is breaking down from continuous exposure to man-made chemicals. The toxins set us up and then the bugs take us down.

I knew I was on to some real answers. I had to find a new way to help my body get rid of these toxins. What I learned from my meditation with plants is that there is an untapped intelligence and wisdom that I needed in order to heal.

Helpful Plant Tips

One way was soaking my beans in water overnight before I cook them. This is important because you begin the sprouting process. The plant life force begins. After sprouting, it becomes alive and therefore, contains more nutrition. The plant can now provide for us as we have extended its life force. When it comes to eating fruit like papayas, pineapple, and all the melon varieties, it is better to eat just what you need and storing the rest in the refrigerator to ripen further.

Listen carefully, you are doing the plant and yourself a disservice if you cut it all up at once and eat only part of it, then storing the pieces in the refrigerator. Now that it is dead and lifeless, the healing force goes down dramatically. I have learned to cut only what I need that night and away from the vine first. I first make a flat cut horizontally before plating it. Then I cut the vine end last, then place the plate with the melon or pineapple in the refrigerator.

Since the vine end is still intact with the fruit, it will continue to get ripe as it is stored in the refrigerator. It’s still alive! Each day when I cut a new slice off the other end of the vine, it is always riper, sweeter and more nutritious, because it is still alive. I can feel the plant’s gratitude for letting it live longer and for allowing it to help me! Now if you understand that it just gets better ― the gratitude from the plant is passed onto my body as I eat it! At the very end of its life, when I am cutting off the vine end, it has more life force, better taste and more healing power because I let it continue to grow as long as possible and in turn it provides me with its gratitude, healing power and nourishment.

Express Gratitude

It’s important to give thankfulness to the plant. They are alive too and I believe the plants are more superior than the humans. I think many vegetarians have missed the boat! We need to start thanking the plants, not just eating them. One thing I know for a fact is that we need these miraculous plants for healing, but we have to start a dialog with them. I realize more and more how much the plants need us and how much more we need them. So move out of the 3-ring tent show and come with me, do your yoga, relax and get into a vibrant life with the plant kingdom. Now it’s time for you to find their secrets to help your life.

Just remember that no matter what you hear or what you see out in our world, just be calm and go within, start yoga and contemplate with a plant or a flower you love and become their friend. They need you! You can heal just like I did and get help from the plants. It is time to shine. When you slow down and become the plant’s friend your life will positively and dramatically change. All of the sudden, the world is a better place.


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