Is Your Healing Biz Getting ‘Hustled’ Into Nowhere?…

Is Your Healing Biz Getting ‘Hustled’ Into Nowhere?

We live in a society where busy is often glamorized. Get out there and hustle, right? Bold action – especially when you’re on the cusp of creating or evolving a coaching or healing business – is often seen as “badassery.” There are a lot of business coaches who measure your success by how quickly you figure things out and make them so. But geez, I have worked with so many coaches, healers, and creatives lately who thought they knew what they wanted with their work and jumped on an idea, only to end up nowhere because things didn’t come to be.

Being able to know your work in the world requires an inner journey of self-discovery.

The whole confusion about work, to me, signals a need to go inward and figure out who you are growing into, and then what as that person you need to be doing. You’ve got to see yourself through the eyes of a “bigger you,” to see what you need. But instead, most people panic – or rush into action to meet some inner or outer expectation – and skip over the (slower) inner work that will help them see themselves and their work in new ways. Don’t get me wrong, taking action is important. I just think too many healers and creators are trying to do that before they know what the hell they’re really doing.

The result is often disheartening failure.

The irony of slowing down to get you there faster.

Going slow and getting clear, especially when you are working to create a new job or your healing/coaching business isn’t about sitting idle. It’s about giving yourself space and time to make sure that what you are doing is the best action. Do you take time to explore your ideas? I mean really seep into the energy of them to know if they fully resonate? Do you spend time working intuitively with what you’re considering as your next step, next business decision or next product so you know its energy as well as your own?

Most of us don’t. We rush. We jump on the first idea that sparkles.

A client of mine put it so beautifully the other day. She talked about how she’ll get an idea and it feels exciting, so the impulse is to leap into action with it. There’s a rush of adrenaline even, something new!

It feels so great it’s got to be right, right?

In that rush of excitement, she’ll make a decision to do something with her business or create a program and run with it. But then, the rush ends. She’ll spend a bunch of time, energy, and money on getting this sparkly idea to happen, and then realizes it’s not going anywhere. What she’s learning is, those sparkly ideas that feel good sometimes feel good because they’re comfortable, but don’t stretch her into where there’s energy to make things happen. Now she’s learning to lean into the energy of those ideas, observe how they fit with her energy, the energy of her business and who she is when she is in her power. She’s letting some evolution of her ideas take place as she works vibrationally and intuitively. She knows when things feel right enough to take action, and how she wants to move forward. That’s the beautiful mish-mash of slowing down, looking within, being willing to get a little uncomfortable and stretch into your next level of empowerment and find the way forward to do your thing in the world.

Raise your hand if you’ve moved in a direction with your work, only to see it fall flat.

Hold that hand up if you felt like a failure… where you thought maybe you’re not even supposed to be doing the work you love. ????‍♀️

It’s not you. It’s the rushing into things.

What if you paused for just a bit before you made that next bold move? What if before you got out there and hustled, you gave yourself the time to truly understand your process not from your mind, but from a solid intuitive awareness? What if you leaned into the energy and gave yourself a way to sense the evolution of your idea – how it unfolds, how you must grow to sustain it, and the best way forward. Whether you’re trying to get a handle on what your work is in the world, or what your next offer is, your intuition is going to be your best guide into how to figure it all out.

And you simply can’t rush that.

You might want to rush because you think you need to start making money or quit that job or whatever is fueling your fear. I get it. I’ve been there. But I can guarantee you if you don’t know the path, and it’s not fully aligned with you, you’ll be back at square one before you know it; more broke and frustrated than ever. So, it’s okay to take that breath. If you’re cooking up something big, there’s value in getting the foundation of what you’re to do in the world set, energetically and emotionally, before you leap. Your bold action will then both feel bold and get you where you want to get to. Any hustling you do will be worth it.

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