The Real Cause Of Cancer – And It’s Not Soy…

The Real Cause Of Cancer – And It’s Not Soy

There has been so much in the way of misunderstandings about organic soy. And even most health enthusiasts don’t know the real truth about organic soy. Yes, it’s true that organic fermented soy does contain plant-based estrogen-like agents which we all need in our body. However, at one time, people thought that because of this, soy became the cause of cancers like breast cancer.

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New studies

However, new studies have shown that those who consume organic fermented soy in their day-to-day diet, such as organic soy milk and tofu, have lower risk of getting cancer compared to the rest of the population. Organic soy has a lot of benefits, and I myself drink soy milk and eat a lot of tofu on a regular basis. So, the real cause of rising estrogen levels or cancer is not fermented soy.

The real cause

You might be surprised at the real cause behind high levels of estrogen. It’s actually plastics and other chemicals, which lead to thyroid disease and cancer. There has been an alarming increase of people suffering thyroid problems around the world, and many people are not aware of the role plastic plays in this situation. Over 24,000 chemicals are found in different types of plastics, filled with proprietary compounds which are usually not disclosed to the public.

Among these are Phthalates, which are found in flooring, paint, toys, cleaning products, and packaging, to name a few. These chemicals, when ingested, can have an impact on our endocrine system, like our thyroid and pituitary glands; and even our ovaries and testicles. While they may have been limited, these chemicals are still found in almost every plastic item we use on a regular basis. And because of the wide use of plastic all over the world, it is now found in our bodies too.

How plastic causes thyroid problems

A study conducted at the University of Michigan has shown just how Phthalates, along with BPA, can cause issues to the thyroid. Professor John Meeker has discussed all about the health concerns brought about by plastic in his talk here.

Effects on males

Additionally, there have been articles showcasing how the feminization of males and a decrease in male fertility as other side effects of plastic toxins in the body. This is happening in China, where workers constantly exposed to plastic presented lower sperm counts. Dr. De-Kum Li at Kaiser Permanente Research Division also presented research that shows animals being affected by plastic in the same way.

Solving this huge toxic challenge

We are causing harm to the natural balance of the world, our bodies and the interplay of every organism on the planet because of these toxic elements. We should just get rid of plastics in general as they are slowly killing us and causing harm to the environment. Eat organic, wild-range, pesticide-free food and stay away from GMO variants. Shift to cotton and other natural fabrics for clothing instead of petroleum-based products that contribute to the problem. Let’s stop using plastic bottles and drink from glass bottles instead.

Call your congressman, senator, or local politician and let them know that we need change to happen. But you can always start right now, in the comfort of your own home. Go back to the basics and find natural ways of living with the environment that creates a positive impact and creates a better world.


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