7 Ways To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan In 2019…

7 Ways To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan In 2019

1) Try it one meal at a time.

You don’t need to be able to whip up three-course meals that are worthy of Instagram likes in the first week, and you don’t need to go cold turkey on cheese on the first day. You can start small. Little things like purchasing a blender for smoothies, or trying out a load of soup recipes until you get a perfect one will help you.

2) Stick your ‘why’ on the fridge.

There are many respectable reasons to go vegan – a love for the planet, respect for animals, a wish to be more energetic, or dietary reasons. But which one is going to fuel you to avoid certain foods? Stick your ‘Why’ where you can see it. For instance: ‘It pisses off Piers Morgan’ could work well.

3) Tell close friends what you’re doing.

This will stop anybody from accidentally ordering for you in a café, buying what was once your favorite meal for dinner, or suggesting you go eat at a meat-only restaurant. Holding yourself publicly accountable will also stop you ordering something while drunk or forgetful, which can happen when you haven’t formed a habit yet.

4) Try different plant milks.

Which milk makes your favorite cup of coffee? Make a point of trying different flavors, from almond to oat to soy. There are also bottles of chocolate soy milk in most supermarkets now, and cheaper places like Aldi have just as large a range as the Co-Op. Obviously, the fresher the better, so a market or greengrocer’s might suit your taste buds even more.

5) Join vegan societies or meetups.

It will motivate you so much more to befriend people who are making this commitment to their bodies as you. You can share recipe ideas, cook for one another, and eat at the same places.

6) Sell/donate your old cookbooks.

You will need to haul some new books, which you can buy cheap on the Internet or in local charity shops. You don’t need that shelf devoted to chicken anymore.

7) Watch vegan documentaries.

This may instill your ‘Why’ in your mind, and also provides some positivity to show you just how much you are fighting against the cruelties of farm industries.


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