How To Be Youthful At Any Age…

How To Be Youthful At Any Age

I won’t forget an episode of the last season of American Idol when judge Jennifer Lopez’s comments resonated with me. Reacting to a stellar performance, she said something to the effect of, “It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin.” She praised the contestant and passed on a lesson to me that night as well.

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On self-worth

Isn’t it all about feeling comfortable in our own skin? Certainly, as social beings, we feel the desire to be connected. Conversations started could be in work meetings, anniversary celebrations, book clubs, or many other contexts. How we feel about ourselves can amplify our enjoyment in life. Why not start feeling great today?

When I hear good advice, I like to share it to help others, and Ms. Lopez’s words are a good example. I don’t know if she came up with the advice herself, but at the time she spoke them it did catch my attention.

Better yet, a related strong piece of wisdom is the advice that former First Lady Michelle Obama gave at the United State of Women’s Summit while being interviewed by Oprah in 2016 (View the interview @11:10.) She talked about self-value, and how the prior FLOTUS could not have done her job as First Lady as comfortably did she not have the self-value she’s had for herself for decades. While self-esteem is a concept we may feel we don’t have control over at times, self-value is not like that. We can influence our thoughts and perspective to shape a healthier self-value, which in turn can boost self-esteem. It is so important, especially in today’s society, that we treat ourselves better than ever because most others do not simply have the time to do so.

Here are three steps to follow if you want to develop greater self-value and, in turn, feel even more comfortable in your own skin as well as more youthful at any age:

1) Learn which traits raise your self-value.

What traits do you have that you love the most? How do you demonstrate these traits routinely? Take a moment to talk to loved ones and friends if this is too challenging on your own. Write your thoughts down if you like.

2) Get out there and share your traits in social settings.

When you are an active member of your social circles, it can create a positive feeling, especially if you’re able to show off your best traits. You might be super thoughtful, artistic, caring, or particularly self-confident. Keep showing off!

3) Look for great advice.

The journey to shaping our attitude and mindset will constantly shift based on life factors. Having the ability to adapt and be grateful in every circumstance will no doubt be a huge asset if you can. Love yourself, live gratefully, and dream big. With the ability to value your traits and continuously grow and mature, you’ll no doubt ‘feel comfortable in your own skin.’


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