5 Herbs To Calm Nerves…

5 Herbs To Calm Nerves

The world is facing many challenges, and if you’re an empath chances are you’re feeling it heavy. We are all feeling it. Stress can take a toll on our bodies mentally and physically, potentially experiencing increased panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia. How we treat ourselves daily makes an impact on our overall health. Finding ways to take our nervous system out of the sympathetic phase (fight or flight mode) and into the parasympathetic system (relaxation mode) helps aid our digestive system, immune system, detoxification organs, reduction in inflammation, improving mood and sleep cycles. There is a number of ways to induce the relaxation response including yoga, meditation, pranayama, nature, and tai chi, however, in times of chaos, it may take a little extra effort to get off the edge. Here are 5 herbs that aid in calming nerves and improving mood.

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1) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is known for soothing anxiety, nourishing and strengthening your nerves and adrenals, boosting libido, reducing chronic pain and inflammation, and improving immune function. Now that sounds like a magical herb, right? You can consume this powerful root by powder, adding it to teas, milk blends, or my personal favorite into your morning smoothie. Check your local health food stores or you can find it in online sources.

2) Holy Basil

This special herb is packed with health benefits! Holy Basil can be used to soothe anxiety, boost immune health, decrease inflammation, balance cortisol and blood sugar levels, and potentially relieve feelings of grief. This herb is easily grown and thrives in the warm sun. You can also find it fresh or dry in local stores, my prefered method of utilization is in a nice warm cup of tea.

3) St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is believed to help protect against negative energy, warding away bad dreams, spirits, and negative thoughts, and energy of others. It can relieve feelings of mild depression, pain, stress, and nerve damage. You can find this herb in a capsule or oil/tincture form, it can also be used as a topical remedy for wounds, rashes, and pain. I think I will be refilling up on this one today!

4) Milky Oat Seed

This powerful oat plant calms the nervous system, relieving stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and can aid in side effects from withdrawals (drinking too much coffee lately?). It is easiest to find in tincture form and can be taken directly or added to tea or a beverage of your choice.

5) Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a brainpower herb that is known for reducing anxiety, improving mental function, stimulating circulation, and strengthening connective tissue. It can be found to consume fresh or dry, adding it to your favorite smoothie or tea. You can also find it for topical remedies for wound healing and vein treatment.

You are your best guide

Herbs and holistic healing can bare wonderful results, with anything that comes to our health it is always advised to do your research. Consulting a physician and ensuring its safety and potential medication interactions or pregnancy effects. Be sure to check dosing recommendations for any over the counter forms purchased and confirm its purity level.

In times of chaos, the best place to start is within. We can only offer what we carry, take time to heal, reflect, and then take the time to give. Herbs are one source that have healing potential, but can also be used as a bandaid. Take time to dig, discover, and heal the cause.


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