These Hearty Vegetarian Recipes Will Soothe Your Soul In Times Of Uncertainty…

These Hearty Vegetarian Recipes Will Soothe Your Soul In Times Of Uncertainty

Things are scary right now — and it’s okay to admit that.

However, many of us are fortunate enough to be spending our days at home with our loved ones. Sure, we may fight over who gets to pick the next Netflix show to binge. But we get to spend so much uninterrupted time together, and it’s a beautiful thing amidst all the fear and uncertainty.

You can amplify these soothing effects with hearty vegetarian meals that warm you up. Here are 10 of our favorites to try right now:

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1) Hearty vegetable stew

The name says it all — this vegan vegetable stew is hearty, and that’s just what you need right now. You probably have lots of these veggies in your pantry, fridge, and freezer already. The same goes for the rest of the ingredients, including red wine. Take a swig for added comfort while cooking this warming stew.

2) Lentil Bolognese with spaghetti squash

When it comes to the list of the best comfort foods in the world, pasta is certainly near the top. This recipe puts an even healthier spin on your favorite fresh pasta dishes. Instead of your go-to noodles, you’ll fork through a spaghetti squash to get veggie-based pasta instead. Then, you’ll top it with a seriously filling lentil bolognese and, if you want, a dairy or vegan cheese. Yum.

3) Three bean tacos

We’re all losing track of the days by now. However, mark your calendar for next Tuesday and make it a taco party. You might already have all three varieties of beans — pinto, black and red kidney — in your pantry. From there, you just need a few classic taco toppings, shells and, if you want, margarita mix. Then, it’s a real party with these three-bean tacos.

4) Hoisin grain bowl

Some home chefs shy away from incorporating tofu into their rotation, as it sometimes comes out flavorless and squishy. Follow this recipe’s instructions, though, and you’ll have perfectly crispy tofu straight from the oven. It all comes down to the pre-cooking step of squishing it down to get rid of the extra moisture. With that, you have your protein prepped for this tasty, hearty bowl of goodness.

5) Spinach and artichoke lasagna

Remember how we said pasta makes the perfect comfort food? We weren’t joking. Here’s another must-try vegetarian recipe for your quarantine roster. You can use a pre-bottled sauce to make the prep snappy. And, if you can’t find artichokes on your next grocery run, this meal works as a classic spinach lasagna, too.

6) Slow-cooker lentil curry

A curry recipe can be a big commitment. So many of them yield a mass amount of food and, after a few days of leftovers, you might get sick of it. Luckily, this tasty recipe can last for up to three months in the freezer. Chow down on this coconut-lentil goodness now, and save some for later when you don’t feel like cooking — or throwing a bunch of ingredients in the slow-cooker. We all have those days.

7) Roasted broccoli pasta salad with hemp pesto

Some people mistake the term “comfort food” to mean greasy, fried fare. In some cases, that may be the truth, but our version of comfort food is what makes us feel good and healthy, even in uncertain times. This recipe highlights that — it includes a super tasty pesto, a topping that some might see as indulgent comfort food. However, this one’s made with hemp seeds instead of cheese, making it protein-packed and hearty for lunch or dinner.

8) Vegan sweet potato chili

Leave it to Martha Stewart to make a one-pot vegan meal that’s seriously comforting. Save this recipe for a rainy or chilly day in quarantine, and you’ll feel refreshed with every spoonful. The cooking queen herself suggests tortilla chips and avocado slices to top off this recipe. If you’re not vegan, though, don’t be afraid to add a bit of cheese or sour cream for added oomph.

9) Tomato basil penne with spicy italian chickpeas

This comfort-food recipe contains a full slate of ingredients you probably have in your pantry already. And the combination of spices you’ll use to flavor your chickpeas makes them taste very similar to sausage. If that’s not enough of a pull to try this recipe, remember there’s burrata on top — no one can say no to that.

10) Homemade pizza

When all else fails, you always have pizza. And this dough recipe will make the perfect base for your homemade pies. You can even make it into a fun activity for the family — everyone can stretch, sauce, and top their own pizza. Then, bake and eat together — and feel satisfied by the fresh fare on your plate.

The most satisfying comfort food

There’s so much going on in the world, but you can still make your home — and your kitchen — a happy place to be. Start with these ten recipes, then get creative on your own. The possibilities are endless for delicious, meat-free fare that’s heartening now and after life returns to a new normal, too.


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