5 Ways To Eat A Healthy And Balanced Diet No Matter Your Schedule…

5 Ways To Eat A Healthy And Balanced Diet No Matter Your Schedule


Life happens – and eating healthy? Well, let’s just say it’s not always priority number one.

Even with good intentions, a busy schedule can quickly derail your goal of being better when it comes to your diet. But all is not lost! We’ve got five ways to make eating healthy a lot more doable, no matter how crazy life gets.

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Snack Prep Like a Pro

The number one reason we go for unhealthy food is because it’s convenient – it’s everywhere! I guarantee if you had someone handing you homemade salads (light dressing) and pre-portioned packages of almonds, you’d be a lot more hesitant to bite into that burger or grab that doughnut. Most of the time we want to make better choices but lack of options leads us down a very dark, high-calorie road. That is why snack prepping is so important. When you have healthy snacks always within reach, you achieve two major things. You resist unhealthy snacks while also satisfying your hunger, and reducing your chances of binge-eating on bad food later on.

Get Your Groceries Delivered

“I have no time to shop for healthy food,” said someone from the early 2000s. Today, it is almost too easy to access healthy food. You have a combination of stores willing to grocery shop for you, companies that will send you all of the ingredients you need to make a healthy meal, and meal delivery services that will actually make the meals for you and ship them to your front door.

No time for grocery shopping? No problem. Order your food online to save time while staying healthy.

When Dining out, Plan Ahead

There’s no reason to kill your social life just because you’re making over your diet. You can dine out and eat healthy – if you do your research.

Before heading to a restaurant, look up the menu. If you figure out what you can eat ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to go with the familiar chicken parmigiana and opt for the grilled shrimp and tomato salad instead. Same goes for fast food restaurants. You know, the ones you stop at when you’re on the go or when you don’t pack your lunch for work? Not all takeout options are bad options. Check the nutrition facts at your favorite casual spots and figure out a few menu items that are good to go.

Make the Most of Your Time

You might be swaying from your diet because you are prioritizing other people’s time over your own. Find ways to make your goals concrete by scheduling them in and stop compromising.

For example, if work lunches are usually of the teriyaki chicken and fried rice variety, book a yoga class on your lunch break and pack your lunch instead. Co-workers may be insulted if you decide to eat lunch without them – but are they really going to fight you for attending a group fitness class that you already paid for? Not only are you avoiding making bad food choices, but you’re killing two birds with one stone by working out and eating healthy.

Mix Things Up

Getting bored is a really great reason to diverge from your diet. Seriously, you will totally justify ordering that pizza or going through that drive-thru when you’ve eaten the same chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato combo three nights in a row. Don’t let yourself become stagnant by diversifying your healthy diet. Look up recipes that sound good and are good for you. Don’t eat the same thing week after week. Dare yourself to try at least one new food each month.

Do you really hate mushrooms? Have you ever actually tasted almond milk? Don’t get in your own way and be open to the unfamiliar healthy foods out there in addition to the ones you already know.


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Dan Scalco

Dan Scalco is a writer, entrepreneur, and dog lover. These days, his main focus is working towards a healthier and happier life in fun and interesting ways. Want to connect with him? Follow @DanScalco on Twitter.

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