Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil You Shouldn’t Miss Out On…

Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

As technology and science advance and research constantly brings out new findings, healthcare remains to be at the foremost of study because having good health is worth all the wealth in the world. Health is obtained from what we eat and we are certainly are not in an era where we eat raw food. We eat food which is boiled, baked, roasted, sautéed, and, largely fried. Medical science has proven that the worst thing for the functioning of the body is accumulated fat. Fat is found mainly in the cooking medium and a little bit in the heavy calorie foods.

After much research for a healthy medium for cooking, rice bran oil was created.

Rice Bran Oil

The rice we eat is grown, processed and polished before we buy it. The outer layer of the grain or the bran, which used to be discarded was found to have many healthy properties. Oil is extracted from the bran, which also contains Oryzanol. This makes the oil easily absorbed and digested, making it healthier. Rice bran oil is used not just for cooking, but also as salad dressing and baby food. For the latter, rice bran is used as an alternative to ghee or butter.

Health Benefits

Rice bran oil contains good fat, which is PUFA and MUFA. The presence of these reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels in our body. It also helps prevent the formation of plaque in the blood vessels, making it great for people with heart ailments.

The bane of the modern man is our weight, and every other person irrespective of their age is fighting the ‘battle of the bulge’. While in some cases obesity is a clinical disease, oftentimes it is caused by what we eat. Using rice bran oil helps towards weight loss because of the presence of healthy fat. Because rice bran oil has a high smoke point, which indicates the temperature at which oil starts to burn, it is able to preserve its inherent natural nutrients and does not convert to harmful free radicals when used for deep fried dishes.

Additionally, this oil variant contains vitamin E, which helps make our hair and skin healthier. Switching to rice bran oil is the best and most healthy option and can be done because it is economical and easily available.


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