Health And Wellness For Busy Women: You Can Be Healthy And Have It All…

Health And Wellness For Busy Women: You Can Be Healthy And Have It All

How difficult is it to be healthy in these modern times, especially for a busy woman? Is our health something that comes with a price or it simply has to go out the window after we reach a certain age?

Many busy women feel that their health and wellness are things to be sacrificed if they want to be successful in their jobs, good moms or wives. It’s time we bust that myth. Women all over the world struggle with the same challenges and experience the same feelings of anxiety, worry and disappointment. You are not alone in this – you can overcome all life challenges.

A balanced diet – the key to a balanced mind and life

We truly are exactly what we eat. Have you ever stopped and thought about what you’re putting into your body? How are you showing that you are appreciating your body? Yes, it’s true that a busy person finds it difficult to prepare healthy meals or even to have 3 quality meals in a day. But changing the routine and better preparation will change the rules.

First of all, forget about strict diets that always forbid you to eat something or forcing you to eat only specific types of food. It declutters your mind and doesn’t leave too much space for anything else. Instead of obsessing about calories, simply decide to have a wholefood diet combined with moderation and control.

You only need one day to prepare healthy meals for the whole week. Choose one day (let’s say Sunday) when you’ll bay everything you need in a market shop and stock your fridge and pantry. Prepare all the snacks, ready-to-eat breakfast meals, peel and slice all veggies and fruits so that you don’t waste any time on that during the busy week.

Show your body you love it

Our skin, especially our face shows us how we’re really feeling. Dull, lifeless skin decorated with dark circles under the eyes tells a lot about our present state. Just a couple of minutes in the morning will do wonders for your skin, simultaneously making you feel better about yourself. A good face wash to clean the skin, then applying a matte sunscreen is what you need for preventing premature aging. Exfoliating your skin twice a week will remove dead cells and make you glow, both inside and outside.

Personal hygiene helps us feel clean, both physically and mentally. Our wellness is connected to our hygiene, so it’s understandable we’re feeling stressed if we can’t maintain our personal hygiene the way we want. It can be especially hard in the morning. Using a bidet instead of taking a shower after emptying your bowel is much more effective for your private parts and time-saving. The Western world is finally starting to realize its significance for our health. Now, almost any British, American or Australian bidet shop offers different bidet types and accessories to maximize comfort and effectiveness. You can even bring a specific part of a bidet with you on a business trip and be worry-free.

Stress is gonna make you a bit cuckoo

Cortisol, the stress hormone, will disrupt your sleep and make you feel anxious all the time if you don’t learn to manage your stress. You need 10-20 minutes of a stress-free time every day. Put away your phone and stay away from social media and TV. Close your eyes, put your legs up and focus on your breathing. If possible, take a short walk and be present in the moment – mindfulness relieves stress. The important thing is to be alone with yourself, decompressing, gathering your thoughts and regaining your focus – that’s how you make it through the day without going nuts.

Also, decluttering your home will actually declutter your mind, too. Get rid of things you haven’t used for a year, clear out the drawers and find practical ideas on organizing your closet. These steps will save you time and help you maintain a clear and focused mind.

Have fun whenever you can

Learn to seize the moment – have a couple of spare minutes at home? Turn up the volume and dance it all out with your favourite song. It is liberating for your mind and highly beneficial for your heart and fitness. No one’s watching you (and maybe it’s better that way!), so go with the flow and do what feels right. Let the positive emotions take you – you will feel full of energy and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Finally – own it

When you prioritize things in a healthy way that serves you personally, then there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You really can be a successful woman who finds time to take care of her body, feels perfectly satisfied with the way she looks and with the point in life, she is right now. You can be the woman who is mentally and physically strong – just like Samantha Jones showed us years ago – you can have it all because you’re fabulous.


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