5 Natural Ways To Bring Your Hair Back To Its Lively Glow…

5 Natural Ways To Bring Your Hair Back To Its Lively Glow

No more straw hair! Revitalize it with natural remedies.

You’ve been having fun. You’ve been dying your hair a different color every month until you’ve forgotten what your natural color was. Pink is out and green is in, so you’ve got to change it again. Eventually, you run your hand through your hair, which is now the texture of the kind of straw that horses and cows eat, and you think about shaving your head and starting over. Fear not! There are a few things you can do to bring your hair back to its old healthy and shiny self. Here are a few tips to get you back on track to having a vibrant mane you can be proud of.

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Treat it with natural oils

Massaging in natural oils is a great way to start repairing damaged hair. You can use olive oil or almond oil, but coconut oil smells the best and feels silky and luxurious. Coconut oil is best for revitalizing hair that is thick, but it will work on other types of hair as well. It feels so good, you probably won’t even want to shampoo it out about 30 minutes after you’ve worked it in and covered it with a shower cap.

Butter it Up

Massaging room temperature butter into your hair is another great home remedy for dry, damaged hair. Simply work it into your hair until it is evenly coated and cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour and then shampoo out. This will get you on the way to having a nice shine your hair hasn’t had in a very long time.

Go avocado

Avocado oil is also good for hair, but why not the whole fruit? Avocados are rich with vitamins and minerals, which are wonderful things to introduce to damaged or dry hair. Mash up one ripe avocado with a raw egg. Apply thoroughly when your hair is wet and let it do its magic for about 30 minutes and then give your hair a good rinse. Doing this a few times a week will re-introduce a supple and healthy texture to your hair.

Be gentle

Another trick to keep from damaging your hair further and staying on the path to total recovery is to take it easy on your hair in regards to the way you handle it. After a shower and a wash, don’t rub it dry with a towel. Be gentle and pat it dry by dabbing it. Wrapping your hair in a dry towel is even better. What you’re trying to do is avoid causing friction, which can make dry hair and split ends worse. Avoid using a hairdryer if you can, but use a low setting if you simply must.

Don’t overdo it

A mistake some people make is washing their hair every single day. This is bad for you even if you already have healthy hair. Wash it no more than a few times per week, as this will allow your hair to retain some of its natural oils. Another pro tip is to wash your hair in lukewarm or cool water instead of the piping hot water you love so much.

Moisture is the key

Even if you aren’t using the butter or oil treatments, be sure not to skip the moisturizing phase of washing your hair. Making sure to use a conditioner or moisturizer after you shampoo your hair is the very least you can do. Skipping the moisturizer is a sure path to dry hair riddled with tangles and a dull sheen.

Seek professional help

If you don’t trust your home remedies to do the trick, head to your local hair salon. There are professional treatments available to work magic and reinvigorate your hair in no time. They might be able to work magic, but it won’t be cheap! It will, however, be nice and quick.

When you get tired of having hair like a scarecrow, try these remedies and you’ll see that repairing your damaged hair isn’t as difficult or as troublesome as you might think. With the right ingredients and treatments and a little tender loving care, there’s no need to shave your head to have shiny, vibrant hair again.


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