How To Hack Your Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss…

How To Hack Your Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss


Some people, no matter how much they exercise or diet simply cannot lose a lot of weight, because they’re stuck with a slow metabolism. Right?

Nope. Things actually work a little bit differently. Every single one of us can actually boost our body’s calorie burn with some certain food items, exercises and dare we say tricks. And no matter how busy you are, you can actually find the time to increase your fat-burning potential.

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What’s It All About?

Now, learning how to hack your metabolism and lose a lot of weight in the process isn’t about changing what you eat. It’s actually more changing how and when you eat.

For instance, consuming six to seven small meals instead of three large ones will help you keep your metabolism and energy levels pretty consistent throughout the day. That means you won’t have to starve in order to lose weight quicker. However, you’ll have to do a little bit of thinking – so be prepared to put some effort into meal timing and meal prep as well. With that out of the way, let’s talk about what you’ve came here for – simple metabolism hacks that will allow you to shed those extra few pounds faster than ever before. So without further ado, here are small metabolism hacks for faster weight loss. 

Laugh Like You’ve Never Laughed Before

Let’s start the list off with something a little unorthodox, to say the least. But this is actually not a joke – genuine laughter can really increase your energy levels, and help you lose weight in the process. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity, laughter can cause up to a 20% increase in “basal energy expenditure.” So a ten-minute-long giggle fest can help you burn up to 170 calories a day.

Cool Things Down in the Bedroom

When things get too hot in the bedroom, things go wrong for your weight-loss campaign. And we mean this in the literal sense. You see, a ground-breaking new study from the Diabetes Journal discovered that turning on the AC in the bedroom can transform your “bad fat” into “brown fat”, which is the good kind of fat). During the course of the study, participants slept in bedrooms with varying room temperatures – 81 degrees; 75 degrees and cool 66 degrees. After the study was over, people who slept in the coolest rooms practically doubled their volumes of brown fat.

Add Mustard to (Almost) Everything

Do you like ketchup? Are you a mayo person maybe? Well, we probably don’t have to tell you that both of those are bad for you, and not only for weight loss but they are actually rather unhealthy overall. So if you want to add a little bit of something to your meals and still lose the weight – just add mustard. Recently, researchers from the Oxford Polytechnic Institute discovered that just one teaspoon of mustard, which contains no more than five calories, can, in fact, boost your body’s fat-burning capabilities up to 25% for several hours after your meal. 

And Don’t Forget to Spice Things up a Bit

If you love spicy food, you’re in luck, because eating hot food can raise your body’s temperature and trigger your sympathetic nervous system, which produces sweat while eating these foods. All of this can speed up your metabolism by almost 20%. If that’s not enough, back in 2009, the Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that suggested that Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, can even affect your appetite and help your weight loss by making you feel fuller longer.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a couple of ways you can take your calorie-burning potential to the next level. So what do you think about our little article? Do you agree with our suggestions? Or do you have any hacks of your own? If you do, leave a comment and share them with us.  


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