Why Getting Cozy Is Excellent For Your Health…

Why Getting Cozy Is Excellent For Your Health

As people grow older and wiser, they realize how true it is that the little things in life are what matter most. You can run yourself ragged trying to do all the things that society says will make you happy and healthy, but in the end, the way you feel is what creates true well-being. People are creatures of comfort and that includes feeling warm and safe. The good news is, feeling this way actually benefits you, so you might want to curl up with some hot cocoa and learn about six health advantages that come from getting cozy.

Something to look forward to

People are always happier when they have something to look forward to and many times it’s the soothing moments they cherish. Imagine an evening cuddled in front of a crackling fire. Picture baking Christmas cookies dressed in a soft, fuzzy sweater and warm and toasty holiday socks. Think about snuggling in the arms of a loved one or how you feel when you get together with friends at a coffee shop. Is there anything cozier than a steaming hot beverage and spending hours chatting a cold day away? Moments like these are healthy to get excited about.

Self-care is good for you

Since being cozy is a state of mind, it really is something you have to do for yourself. Different people find different things comfortable so it’s all up to you. People get so busy with careers, children and paying bills. Treating yourself to a good book and some hot soup or even a long, soapy bath by candlelight is the ultimate in self-care. Be sure to always indulge yourself in something that makes you feel rested and brand new.

Feeling cozy reduces stress

Ever slipped into a jacuzzi or under a heated throw and felt your stress melt away? Getting cozied up takes your attention away from a bad day and helps you to put things back into perspective. Going from a stressful workday to more stress at home only keeps the cycle going. Take time out, even for a while, and put that anxiety in check. You’re guaranteed to see things in a better light after some well-deserved easing back.

You’ll worry less about money

If you prefer to spend a night at home instead of running around after work, don’t feel bad. While it’s good to get out and socialize, staying home is good for your wallet. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably have a stack of books and magazines just waiting to be read. Instead of spending more money, nestle into an easy chair and start reading. You can make some popcorn, light some candles and catch up on a few movies, too. It’ll do your heart good and you’ll feel accomplished for catching up on things you’ve put off.

You won’t feel pressure to please

If you’re the type of person that tries to please others, make sure you set some boundaries. While it’s noble to want others to feel happy, you can’t control people’s emotions and eventually, it becomes exhausting. Taking time to feel cozy takes your attention off of them and onto yourself. The more you put things into practice, the less pressure you’ll feel to please others.

You may get sick less

It’s proven that people who feel happier actually get sick less or they react better to symptoms of a cold. Feeling comfy and relaxed, whether at home or with friends, helps you to be happier and more at ease. This is a great boost to your immune system.

Make it guilt-free

You probably didn’t realize that being cozied up had so many health benefits. There’s a reason people look forward to blissful moments like these because they make them feel physically and mentally happier. The next time you feel guilty about melting into the cushions of your overstuffed sofa, remember you’re just getting healthy!


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