7 Ways To Get Glowing Skin In The New Year…

7 Ways To Get Glowing Skin In The New Year

Skin is a reflection of our body’s overall health. It serves as the first line of defense against outside invaders, and it works with the muscles and bones beneath it to keep your inner organs where they need to be.

Your face is the first thing people notice about you, and as such, you want it to look its best. When you know you are putting your best face forward, you tend to radiate positivity and confidence. With a new year comes a unique opportunity to establish changes in your health regime that will help you reach your fitness and appearance goals. Consider these seven tips for making your skin so happy and healthy it glows.

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1. Moisture equals happy skin

Your skin requires a myriad of oils and minerals to keep it supple. When it does not get these essentials, it may become dry with cracks and fine lines appearing. The aging process accelerates on the face of a person who does not keep skin moisturized. Finding a good lotion to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs from the outside may help stop unsightly wrinkles from popping up at a younger age.

2. Drink up

Your body is made of 70% water, and throughout the day, that water gets used in various ways. It is part of the fuel that keeps the body going, and as such, it needs to be continuously replaced. Water affects the way your skin looks and feels. Since it is the largest organ in the body, there is little doubt that too little water may leave the skin dry and brittle. Increase the amount of water you drink in a day to help keep skin soft and radiant.

3. Improve your diet

As with many parts of your body, the skin is a reflection of what is going on beneath it. When your body gets the proper amount of minerals and essential vitamins it needs, your skin shows it. Conversely, when you fill your body with empty calories and unhealthy choices, the skin may start to become brittle and break down.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to spend hours a week in the gym to improve your body, but a moderate amount of activity daily goes a long way to helping your skin and body look and feel its best. In the new year, try and make moving around just a few extra minutes a day more of a priority.

5. Establish a cleansing routine

Your skin defends your internal organs against dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria. It means, then, that it also becomes a depository for these things. For glowing skin, you need to establish a regular cleansing routine to rid the top of your skin from everything that gets deposited from your daily routine. Cleanse to wipe the slate, exfoliate to remove dead cells, and moisturize to keep skin soft.

6. Increase certain vitamins

When vitamins and minerals enter the body, they perform different tasks. There are a few vitamins that provide much-needed nutrients to the skin. Things like Vitamin D and C each help maintain a youthful, glowing appearance. You can also find some of these vitamins in creams and cleansers.

7. Protect it from the sun

One of the most harmful things the skin is exposed to almost daily is the sun. While the light and the Vitamin D the sun provides is crucial, the UV rays it emits can be harmful. Make sunblock an integral part of your skincare regime. If you are out in the sun, wear a hat and reapply sunscreen as required. If you don’t, not only can you dry out and damage the skin, making it more susceptible to wrinkles, but you can also develop skin cancer.

Glowing skin is not difficult to achieve if you adopt a healthier lifestyle. By eating the proper foods, getting vital minerals, and adopting a skincare regime you can stick to, your skin should look and feel amazing.


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