Food Ideas For Women To Stay Healthy During Period…

Food Ideas For Women To Stay Healthy During Period

During the menstrual period, some women don’t want to or can’t get out of bed due to pain, headaches, cramping and feeling nauseous. It can be downright terrible!

But did you know you can ease some of the most painful symptoms of your period by having a good diet and eat healthy food? Believe it or not, you can reduce period cramps, help with mood swings, feel less swollen and bloated if you plan a good diet and avoid eating some specific foods that are not good and will increase your pain more. For instance, avoid eating spicy foods, candy, snacks, as well as alcohol. These types of food habits will cause you harm and you will find it difficult to lead your menstrual period.

Here are 10 food ideas that will help you stay healthy during your menstrual period. These are not only the good food you can go with, but there are also other healthy and delicious foods you can try to ease and reduce period symptoms as well.

Try eating a big healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast fuels your energy for the entire day and gets the metabolism pumping. To eat a big healthy breakfast, you can include different types of vegetables, bread and butter, and anything else you want to have with your morning meal. Start eating with veggies because you will eat less of your naughty foods as you are filling up on veggies first.

Eat oranges

Orange plays a very important role to reduce your period symptoms. Oranges have vitamin C and D that will help relieve depression and anxiety. Oranges have fiber to help your digestive problems undoubtedly. Oranges are also rich in sugar and control your blood sugar as well. They lower the risk of cancer and prevent your skin damage too.

Add broccoli to your diet

If you are suffering from fatigue, then broccoli can be a remedy. Broccoli is high in fibers and iron those will help you compensate for some of the iron that you will be losing during your menstrual period. Also, broccoli will nourish your body quickly and helps reduce bloating because it is rich in fiber. Broccoli will also ease all of the pesky PMS symptoms from your body as it has a large amount of magnesium and potassium.

Try eating eggs

Egg yolk contains plenty of proteins, fat-soluble vitamins, iron and important fatty acids which is very good while you are having your period. And the egg is one of the healthiest foods and we know about its benefits as well. Try eating eggs during your period to ease the symptoms. Try to eat an egg every day too. That’s also a good habit, especially during the menstrual period. But avoid eating eggs that are boiled very hard as it causes bloating.

Have dark chocolate

If you want to eat more dark chocolates, then your period is the best excuse of the month. It can become comfort food during your menstrual period as well. But don’t try processed candy or drugstore sweets because they contain artificial sugars which are not good for your health. Go to your nearest local food store to get unprocessed and original dark chocolate instead.

Eat salmon whenever you get the chance

Salmon helps ease period cramps and this is one of the healthiest foods in general. Salmon helps relax the uterus as well as alleviate your cramping pain because it has omega-3 fatty acid which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

To get the best benefits from it, you can eat it grilled or turned into sushi or rolls. Salmon has a large amount of protein and vitamin B. Actually, by eating salmon, your body can generate more energy from it.

Include a banana, a mood-boosting food

Being a mood booster is all thanks to the banana’s high dose of vitamin B6. Bananas will help you to reduce water retention and bloat as they contain a large amount of magnesium and potassium as well. A banana also regulates your digestive system which some women struggle with during their menstrual period.

Eat kale every day

Cravings for iron-rich foods during your period are usual because your iron levels can take a dip when you are menstruating. Instead of eating a cheeseburger, you should choose leafy greens such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, and collard greens to refill the iron supply of your body.

Pour chamomile tea

Drinking chamomile tea will not only relax your nerves but also your uterus. This tea will help you fall asleep easily as well. Drinking chamomile tea will also help reduce distress and anxiety, and the severity of period cramps too.

Feast on a watermelon

Try to eat a piece of fruit when the sweets cravings hit. You will find proper nutrients that will fight against weakness and fatigue in whole fruits. Also, you will easily find natural sugar in fruits such as figs, plums, berries, and watermelon as they will help you alleviate bloating.

Eat these foods to ease your menstrual pain and try to avoid some eating habits such as eating spicy foods or alcohol. You might feel nauseous and sick by eating spicy food if your stomach becomes sensitive this time of the month. But some women find eating spicy food as a remedy to get rid of period pain. But I would suggest not to do so especially when you find yourself nauseous, sick or bloated after eating the food.

Also, you should avoid alcohol very strictly even if you are not at a party. Drinking alcohol during your menstrual period will make your condition worse as it already is.


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