Say Goodbye To Oily Skin: 3 Essential Oil Recipes…

Say Goodbye To Oily Skin: 3 Essential Oil Recipes


The popularity of essential oils should come as no surprise to anyone. They offer so many benefits that can help people in their daily lives. They can reduce stress levels in people significantly. They can provide people with welcome mood lifts as well.

Surprisingly enough, essential oils can even help people who have skin that’s excessively oily. If you want to attain a complexion that’s fresh, smooth and free of immoderate shine, it may be the perfect time to explore your options in essential oils. Although it may seem strange, these oils can actually make fantastic assets for people who want to control greasy complexion issues.

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Neroli Oil and Lavender Oil

Neroli oil is extracted from orange blossoms. It can cleanse and tone the skin effectively. If you want to create a great recipe that can manage your oily skin problem, you should combine neroli oil with lavender oil. Lavender oil is a lot like neroli oil in that it can tone the complexion. It can encourage speedy healing processes and even minimize pesky inflammation. You can keep oily skin at bay by creating a toner that mixes both of these oils together.

Put lukewarm water inside a spray bottle. Then put a couple drops of neroli and lavender essential oils in it. Shake the spray bottle thoroughly. Spritz this blend directly onto your skin numerous times a day. You should notice a drastic change in your skin quickly. Say goodbye to unsightly and uncomfortable oiliness for good!

Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil offers astringent benefits, which means that it has the ability to dry excessively greasy skin. That also means that it can help reduce pore size. If your skin is oily, tea tree oil may be able to give it a new lease on life. This essential oil isn’t only good for oily complexions, either. It’s also good for complexions that are vulnerable to breakouts. If acne is a big problem for you, tea tree oil may be a fine solution.

Mixing tea tree oil with rosemary oil can do wonders for people who want to take control of oiliness. That’s because rosemary oil’s benefits are just as impressive. This essential oil offers antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial benefits to users. It can introduce balance to skin that produces too much grease. It can also reduce the appearance of unsightly pimples. If whiteheads and blackheads are the bane of your existence, combining rosemary and tea tree oil may work well for you.

Fennel Oil and Cedarwood Oil

Fennel oil can give greasy complexions much-needed balance. It can do so without leading to immoderate drying as well. That’s a major plus. Fennel oil can function as an effective toner. It can boost circulation as well. If you want to manage oily skin, you should combine fennel oil with cedarwood oil. Cedarwood oil is known for its many beauty perks. It’s extracted from cedarwood tree bark and can be helpful to dry and greasy complexions alike. It can make a great treatment option for acne sufferers.

Mixing fennel or cedarwood oil with vegetable oil can be great for people who want to take charge of oiliness. You can massage this blend directly onto your complexion. Refrain from rinsing it off. Voila! You should then be well on your way to skin that’s devoid of excessive oil. If you’re committed to improving your oily skin problem, essential oil application can go a long way. Essential oils make great natural answers to all sorts of stressful beauty dilemmas.


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