Three Easy Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure…

Three Easy Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure

Being humans, we think that we can control anything at the last moment – whether there is an exam next month, a presentation next week, or some extra pounds which should be reduced soon – we don’t take it seriously until it is dangerous. Just like that, we used to take our health for granted. We avoid everything which requires some extra effort, for example, dieting, waking up early or any exercise. Can you agree more?

We know the consequences of all the things we do throughout the day, month, or year. We know that being an inactive person, we are inviting many diseases in life. Nowadays, high blood pressure is the most common thing in the plethora of health issues. Any activity has a direct connection to the blood pressure. So, if you are inactive, wrap it up! It’s risky. You don’t need to work more on that than to spare just one hour during your day for EXERCISES.

Why Exercise?

Exercises can increase your activity level and help to lower blood pressure. Most of us believe that a person having high blood pressure can’t exercise as it may create adverse effects on a person. But, it’s not true! In fact, not doing anything has some severe impact on the health of a person. It is true that regular exercise raises the blood pressure a bit, but it is just for a short time. When we stop doing that exercise, the BP soon returns to normal. Keep one thing in mind is that, the quicker it comes to normal, the fitter your health is!

Exercise improves the performance of your heart by making it stronger. A healthy, strong heart can pump blood more efficiently. High blood pressure is an issue which requires our extra attention, and we failed to do that. It is riskier than the heart diseases. If we avoid taking any help for a long time, we may end up with some unwanted disability, lousy quality of life, or a heart attack in the worst-case scenario as it is the reason behind the enlarged left heart. High blood pressure can also damage the arteries, brain cells, and kidneys. Everything can come into place by following some medications, a healthy diet, and exercise.

Connection Between Blood Pressure and Exercises

Regular physical activity will help you to maintain a healthy weight. You may know how dangerous obesity is! If you are obese and higher BMI than needed but the pressure is normal, then exercise will not only maintain it for betterment but also help you to lose weight. Even if you currently don’t have high blood pressure, obesity increases your risk of developing it later in life. Exercises are helpful in avoiding such circumstances.

If your pressure level is below 90/60, then visit your doctor first because you may have low blood pressure. See what he suggests, and then start following the routine.

If your pressure is between 90/60 – 140/90, then it is safe to be more active. This range is ideal for blood pressure.

140/90 – 179/99 level is also safe to start and increase your physical activity to maintain the blood pressure.

If you are near to 180/100 – 199/109, then you must visit your doctor as soon as possible and take his advice regarding your exercises.

200/110 or above is quite risky, but curable. Do not start any new activity. Speak to your doctor before proceeding further.

Three Easy Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

Any aerobic activity is very productive when it comes to lower blood pressure. In reality, all forms of exercise including Yoga exercises and Weightlifting exercises have a direct impact on your blood pressure and all are safe.

1. Aerobics

Aerobic activity can be an effective way to control high blood pressure. The plus point of aerobic exercises is that you don’t need to hit the gym every day. You have to change some unhealthy habits, convert them into the healthy one, and that’s it. You are halfway there!

Some simple exercises can make a massive difference like; Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, etc. and don’t worry, they are safe! If you don’t find time for such exercises, then you can take the help of your household chores.

* Take stairs instead of lifts and elevators

* Plant trees and mow the lawn on your own in the garden

* Scrub the floor of your house two types a day

Any physical activity that increases your heart and breathing rates are considered an aerobic activity. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends to do 2.5 hours of moderate operation OR 1.5 hours of vigorous exercise in 7 days works best. You can also combine both if it suits you, but try NOT TO miss just 30 minutes of exercise a day.

2. Weight Lifting Exercises

Aerobics could be your first choice as it is easy, but strengthening exercises such as lifting weights also play an essential role in maintaining/lowering the blood pressure. Adding different combinations of physical activities to your daily routine will help as weightlifting has its own set of long-term benefits. It can improve other aspects of cardiovascular health. It is recommended to incorporate such exercise two times a week to lower blood pressure.

NOTE: Weight training can raise your blood pressure TEMPORARY during exercise, and it is not risky. But, it also depends on your body, weight, and other health issues. So, keep a trainer or expert with you who can guide you on how much weight you can lift.

Strength training is straightforward if you do it correctly. There are few things to keep in mind to make it simple and stress-free.

* Maintain your postures – Using proper technique decreases the chances of inner or outer injuries.

* Let go of your breath – Don’t hold your breath while exercising. It can be the reason of dangerous spikes in blood pressure. Breathe calmly and continuously during lifting.

* Take lighter weights – Strength training doesn’t mean that you must take heavyweights. Instead, increase repetitions on lighter weights. Heavier loads require more power, which can increase the blood pressure.

* Never ignore the signs – If you feel any dizziness, chest pain, or any pressure, then stop doing whatever you are doing. Don’t go beyond limits.

* Visit your doctor regularly – It is essential to see your doctor often if you are following such routine instead of having high blood pressure.

Apart from these, you can also follow the shorter burst of activity. Break up your workout into three 10-minute sessions of weight lifting so that you can get enough break to cool down your body and hold your breath. It is also as beneficial as one 30-minute session.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility exercises such as Yoga and Stretching are essential parts of an overall fitness plan. You may know that Yoga works best for any age group. It is the combination of exercises and meditation. If you want to lower your blood pressure naturally, then start practicing Yoga. It can heal our body as well as our minds, and it also strengthens our heart.

If you are afraid of weight lifting or any other cardio exercises, Yoga is the best possible option you have! Focus on your routine activities and balance between your actions and practices – not too much, so that you don’t feel heavy or tired; and not too less, which is not helpful at all. Try Sarvangasana, Sirsasana, Viparita Karani, etc. are the best therapies for high blood pressure.

You can also try some stretching poses like;

* Supported Fish Pose,

* Supported Child Pose,

* Supported Bridge Pose,

* Bound Angle Pose,

* Hero Pose, etc.

So, these were three simple exercise types to lower blood pressure. Hope these exercises will help you to serve your purpose and keep you healthy. But, never stop looking for the reasons behind the cause of high blood pressure. Research has found that too much sitting time can contribute to many health conditions. So, don’t sit for more extended hours and start taking 5 minutes to break after each hour. Get up and drink water or go for a short walk. Small lifestyle changes will surely help you control high blood pressure and reduce other life-threatening complications. Stay smart, stay active, and stay healthy


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