Drink These 8 Amazing Drinks Before Going To Bed To Burn Belly Fat…

Drink These 8 Amazing Drinks Before Going To Bed To Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat can be infuriating. But the good thing to know is that there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. You would be happy to know that there’s another effective step, just before you go to sleep. Drink these amazing concoctions before going to bed and watch your belly fat melt away!

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1) Ginger and lime tea

Ginger tea and lime juice both have natural and herbal medicinal properties that can help you lose fat. Both are known to be packed with antioxidant properties and are used for many forms of detoxification. You can add ginger and squeeze lime to your regular water and have a few sips every once in a while for the whole day. Before going to bed, take a half to full glass of warm ginger and lime tea.

2) Amla and aloe vera juice

Amla and aloe vera have long been known for their natural medicinal properties inside and outside the body. Both have high antioxidant properties and both are great for the skin and hair. Amla and aloe vera juice helps reduce and balance the cholesterol levels of the blood while helping you lose weight.

3) Cucumber drink

Cucumber is not only a refreshing drink, but a detox and fat burning drink too. Cucumber is high in fiber and water content and low in calories. You can simply add slices of cucumber to regular water, or you can add mint leaves and lemon if you want to add more flavor. Take note that both ingredients boost the effects of this fat-burning drink. Drink it for two to three weeks and take one glass before going to bed for the same duration.

4) Grapefruit and cinnamon drink

Grapefruit has excellent and fast fat-burning properties while cinnamon is rich in antioxidants. To prepare this drink, mix half a liter fresh grapefruit and half a liter of water. Then, add 2 cinnamon sticks, some mint leaves, and ice. Simmer this combination in a pan. Let it sit to cool for a few minutes or until you can drink it. Take this drink before bed for at least three to four weeks to see fast results.

5) Apple cider

Pure apple cider is an effective weight loss drink because it can help decrease triglycerides levels of the blood. It’s a great substitute for regular vinegar when preparing your meals. Before going to bed, take 100 grams of apple cider vinegar. This contains only about 22 calories.

6) Lemon drink

Lemon has been known to naturally boost your metabolism and burn fat Drink one cup of warm water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon before going to bed. Sliced lemon in your water can serve as your regular water for the whole day. It is rich in fiber and vitamin C.

7) Dandelion tea

Few people may know that dandelion tea is actually a wonder drink that you can take when you feel bloated or too full from your meal, particularly during night time when it is about time to go to bed. Just put dandelion leaves or roots in hot water and let it simmer before drinking it.

8) Banana smoothie

Banana is packed with potassium which can boost your muscles and remove toxins from your body. Drinking a banana smoothie during dinner can have long term results in terms of weight loss and burning belly fat.


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