Can Drinking More Spring Or Filtered Water Improve Your Health?…

Can Drinking More Spring Or Filtered Water Improve Your Health?

What’s the best thing about drinking water? For one thing, it quenches the thirst, but it’s also calorie-free, refreshing, a lot healthier than sugary sodas, and easy to get.

Pretty much everyone has tap water in their homes. Still, how many of you drink water directly from the tap? While it may be convenient, it can also be dangerous since it can contain different chemicals and bacteria without you realizing that. Instead of drinking tap water, why not switch to spring and filtered water?

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What is Spring Water?

While it’s easy to understand that filtered water is the water that has been purified through some kinds of filters, many people are confused by the term “spring water”.  Mountain spring water is pH neutral, which means that it’s not too alkaline or too acidic, and it comes from an underground source. Most of the bottled water is labeled as spring water, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

People who try mineral water usually say that it tastes much better than the regular bottled or tap water, and this clean, refreshing taste makes you feel closer to nature. Also, the children love drinking spring water because of its great taste. Spring water is completely chemical-free, and if you find a spring while you’re camping, you can fill your container and drink it. But it’s best to boil it first just to make sure that it’s safe.

No Bacteria and Chemicals

The easiest thing to do is to pour yourself a glass of good old tap water right in your kitchen. However, are you aware that there are plenty of contaminants and pollutants which can increase the risk of serious health problems?

By adding a simple water filter to your taps, you will ensure that you and your family don’t drink any of the pollutants and contaminants which appear in the unfiltered water: aluminum, arsenic, and fluoride, which have all been found in regular tap water. There are all kinds of water filters available on the market today, but the most popular ones are UV and activated charcoal filters. This amazing UV home water treatment is becoming more and more popular because, besides being effective, it is also environment-friendly.

Filtered Water is Good for Your Skin

People with skin problems, such as blemishes and even acne, know that drinking more water helps your body get rid of all the bacteria and impurities which cause breakouts. When you stay hydrated, you will not have to worry about having dry and flaky skin anymore. Filters are easy to install and use, and filtered water tastes much better than tap water. This way you will find it easier to drink the recommended amount of 8 glasses of water per day.

Hydrated skin is healthy, glowing, and has fewer imperfections. Besides, staying hydrated means that you will be less likely to suffer from migraines and headaches. Bottled water is everywhere you look: it’s in our bags when we head to the gym, it’s in the airplanes, offices, and restaurants all over the world. While you may be concerned about the quality of tap water, there will be times when bottled water isn’t convenient to use.

Instead of despairing and spending hundreds of dollars on gallons of water, install water filters in your home. This simple act of installing a filter will make a huge environmental difference, too because you’ll be spending less money on bottled water, and you’ll also be throwing away less plastic.


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