Should Your Diet Align With Your Spiritual Practice?…

Should Your Diet Align With Your Spiritual Practice?

Spiritual practices are about walking a path from who you are now to a higher level of awareness, both within and outside of yourself. To do this, your actions and food choices should align closely with the beliefs and goals you’re working towards. This could be done by not drinking in excess if you are working on embracing consciousness or eating more fresh greens and veggies instead of meat and processed foods in order to live off the most natural foods.

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Spiritual Practice Goals

Everyone’s method for spiritual practice can vary as far as the type of path you choose to take towards spiritual awakening. Many use yoga and meditative exercise as an avenue to clear their thoughts and connect with themselves. However, most people don’t also take enough time to consider their own feelings or to think about how they can improve the areas of their lives that are unsatisfying.

With meditation and yoga, it’s important to set both physical and mental goals about what kind of clarity you want to find through your practice. Spiritual practice involves taking a holistic approach to an individual person from the mind, body, and soul. This approach to health can also be seen in medicine, in the form of integrative health care, a health practice that insists a person’s mental health must be treated along with their physical health to achieve good overall health.

The current medical workforce uses this approach to treat the mental health aspect of chronic health conditions like depression and anxiety, diabetes, cancer, and several other different types of serious health illnesses. The use of diet in tandem with meditation dates back thousands of years, with religions like Hinduism and Buddhism maintaining vegetarian diets as a key element to their approach to spirituality. These cultures value the lives of all living creatures and prioritize coexistence with animals and, as a result, their diets are focused on the healthiest vegetables and grains that do not weigh the body down, such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, garlic, Brussels sprouts, and kale.

Influence of Diet

Although your diet is a personal decision, and it can be difficult to change your diet when you’re accustomed to eating a certain way, opening up your mind to new eating habits could help advance your spiritual health. This usually requires some critical thinking about what your spiritual practice means to you and what aspects of change in your life are going to make you feel more whole and balanced. There are many different diets to try in order to find what works best for you, such as an Ayurvedic diet, vegetarian or vegan diet, or another plant-based, whole-food option.

While the food you put in your body is the most important aspect of a diet, some people use the times at which they eat to control their diet. Intermittent fasting is a style of eating that some individuals use to change their metabolism, often in an attempt to achieve body goals.

With any diet, however, you must be careful to ensure the transition into new eating habits are still providing your body with the nutrition it needs to be strong and healthy, which can be difficult when you make dramatic changes to the foods you’re eating. Everyone’s spiritual practice is different, and yours should ultimately be focused around what makes you feel good as a person and brings you closer to your goals. Adjusting your diet to align with your spiritual beliefs can help you down a path towards growth and connection between your mind, body, and soul. By focusing on your holistic health and dedicating enough time to each aspect of yourself, your spiritual practice will strengthen and come closer to your aspirations.


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