Why You Should Consider Going (Semi) Vegan…

Why You Should Consider Going (Semi) Vegan

I’ll admit it — I’m a meat lover. I have been my entire life. I grew up eating meatloaf and tuna casseroles.

And don’t even get me started on dairy. My father was from Wisconsin and I went to college there for a couple of years. I loved ice cream, cheese of all types (I never discriminated), and chocolate milk. I never understood the hype of being vegan. I rolled my eyes internally when someone told me they were a vegan, and always thought being vegan was too rigid and difficult for someone like myself who loved to indulge in their senses and enjoy food.

Then I went through a spiritual awakening. I began to notice things around me that I could no longer ignore, such as the treatment of the animals we use to “make” meat and dairy products. I began delving deep into universal energetic laws and realized something huge that caused me to no longer want to eat meat the way it is processed here in the United States: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Okay, so that’s not news to anyone. But let’s think about it on a deeper level.

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Transference of Energy

As beings, we are basically just blobs of energy. The energy we consume through food affects the energy that is within us — the energy that makes our cells work and allows us to function. We can notice in our bodies that we feel physically better when we eat a more natural diet.

But let’s go even deeper than that.

Meat is created from living beings. The way these beings are treated is reflected in their bodies, just like in human beings. Cows and chickens that are caged, injected with hormones and immunizations, and living amongst other stressed out creatures are filled with negative emotions and energy. Their bodies begin to reflect this and that is of course translated into the meat and dairy products they create. Then that gets translated into our energetic bodies. We are what we eat: we are scared, sedentary, angry, stuck, controlled, and not living the lives we were meant to live.

My title might be somewhat confusing. I do not recommend going totally vegan. I think it’s very rigid to follow, and I believe we are meant to eat some amount of meat in order to maintain optimal health. But it’s important in modern society to become mindful of the meat and dairy products that we do eat from an energetic point of view.

I just started this new diet/lifestyle change, and I think I will continue to eat freshly caught fish and dairy products from sustainable, ethical sources. But likely I will consume a “vegan” diet on a day-to-day basis. We create our own realities, and the food we eat is part of this. The energy in our bodies impacts every aspect of our lives, from our relationships with others to our work situation. Only we have the power to make the necessary changes in order to live happier and healthier lives.


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