The Comic Who Conquered Rheumatoid Arthritis…

The Comic Who Conquered Rheumatoid Arthritis

Stand-up comic Clint Paddison never thought his title would have a dark punchline of its own. After performing in 14 countries and 6 national Australian TV shows, Clint could barely stand. He was often bedridden, crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and on chemotherapy treatment for his disease. From his knees, hands, elbows, jaw, and chest, Clint’s entire body felt mummified, stricken by pain from even the slightest flinch. He couldn’t even eat without pain. But it was the pain after one meal that led him to discovery (not the joint pain, though).

He calls it his “cherry incident”. Following a snack of unwashed cherries, 24 hours of vomit and diarrhea afflicted Clint. But to his surprise after those hours, his arthritic pain was immensely lowered. Clint wondered if there was a connection between the digestive process and his disease.

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How Lifestyle Changes Helped

So, he went on a major health kick and devoted himself to the raw foods diet, only eating foods cored in digestive properties. He even went further into health investigating, learning everything he could about the science behind RA and how it affects the body. His raw foods diet started with grain juicing and five wheatgrass shots a day. Anything that would give him calories while not causing him to vomit and diarrhea. After eight months, the pain in his chest, jaw, and ankles disappeared.

Soon after he introduced cooked foods like brown rice and quinoa (any carbs that were easy to digest, which he previously couldn’t eat) to his diet. After 8 months of nonstop raw food dieting and a further 18 months of simple plant-based foods, Clint’s fingers finally returned to normal; and he was able to run again for the first time in a half-decade.

But how could a man so tied to meet keep this going? Clint says:

“I grew up on a cattle farm in Australia. It was in my blood, and it was mooing at me right there outside the door. Besides, I have always been thin and I believed that taking meat out of my diet would mean there would be nothing left of me! Through subsequent trial and error, I found that I had to give up meat, dairy and vegetable oils to get maximum pain relief. When you’re in agony, everything seems doable, and I have kept that up ever since. It used to feel like a challenge, but now I’d never have it any other way. Going vegan has enabled me to get off dangerous medications, regain my body strength, become free of agonizing pain, and inspire hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are suffering from inflammatory arthritis. Above all, it has enabled my wife and me to create two gorgeous, healthy plant-based daughters. Despite coming from a cattle farm, getting the meat out of my blood was the first step for me to become pain-free.”

Previously, only two people we know of had published their recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis through diet, until Clint. Now Clint has pioneered a health revolution within the worldwide RA community and their life-changing stories have buoyed Clint’s approach to be recommended by many natural therapists and Dr’s around the world. Check out

He says, “To get to that point was astronomically hard…but it was totally worth it.”


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