How CBD Cream Helps Protect You From Sunburns…

How CBD Cream Helps Protect You From Sunburns

Due to variation in skin types, sunburns affect us differently. Sensitive skin types are usually the most affected since they are highly susceptible to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. The duration of time spent in the sun is also another factor that contributes mainly to sunburns. None of these factors should deter you from having a taste of Vitamin D in all its natural glory. CBD has been under intensive research, and the experts have tabled some rather conclusive and agreeable reports. Among their findings is that you can use CBD cream to protect your skin from sunburns. Here are ways in which CBD creams work to prevent sunburns from taking over your skin.

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It can relieve sunburn irritation

Right from the beginning, CBD has always been known as a healer. Relieving the skin from the aging effects of sunburns isn’t something new. CBD contains antioxidants that soothe the skin and deliver healing properties for skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Since CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, it comes into contact with relevant receptors. The said interaction causes CBD to maintain the balance between the systems. CBD works best when you mix it with nature-based ingredients such as Aloe Vera. The resulting potent concoction helps by reducing the harsh effects of sunburns such as redness and swelling.

What’s more, this brings about a desirable calming effect on your skin. CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties that enable you to cope with the pain that comes along with sunburns.

Can restore and rebuild sunburnt skin

Sunburns cause untold damage to the skin when they strike. Your woes begin when the pain dies down and what’s left is dry, scaly skin with scabs from sunburns. Just like magic mushrooms, CBD cream is the ultimate go-to when your skin faces a crisis. It not only soothes the pain but also helps in your skincare journey and restores it to its former glory. CBD cream is all about general skincare, especially when trying to brave the intense summer heat. Post-sunburn skincare is essential since your skin is most vulnerable to other harsher factors. One of the most basic rules when taking care of sunburned skin is to use CBD cream consistently.

Positive results may either delay or not be visible at all due to irregular patterns of use. The continued damage on your skin even after a soothing dose of CBD cream is due to the presence of free radicals. They come about as a result of inefficient Oxygen in your body. This causes a chain reaction of sorts that attacks other areas of your skin and causes different conditions.

Within a short while, wrinkles and other aging symptoms begin to catch up with you prematurely. As mentioned earlier, the availability of antioxidants comes in handy to prevent such complications. Continuous use of legit CBD creams slows down and even prevents further damage from occurring on your skin.

Has antibacterial properties

Unbeknownst to most people, sunburns are capable of attracting severe infections on your skin. This happens when you leave your sunburns exposed for more extended periods without making any attempts to soothe them. One of the many advantages of using CBD creams is that it contains antibacterial properties. The scorching heat of the sun causes blisters on your skin which leaves you with severe scars.

Exposing your skin to the harmful rays of the sun awakens the causative agents of infections, namely, streptococcus and staphylococcus. CBD has displayed its magnificent ability to eradicate skin infections’ root causes when put to the test. CBD cream is a natural remedy that only takes about three hours to unleash its antibacterial properties. On the flip side, other antibacterial products may take as long as six to eight hours to effect changes.

May act as a pain reliever

Coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD cream unleashes its pain-relieving properties and grants you comfort during a sunburn crisis. CBD also works as an analgesic to soothe and heal the scars of sunburns. CBD’s interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors sets the stage for a fully functional nervous system. The CB1 receptor is primarily responsible for all that goes on in the central nervous system. The interaction also causes CB1 receptors to respond to analgesic treatments positively. CB2 receptors play a crucial role in regulating inflammation, thus lowering pain levels caused by sunburns. To see accurate results, follow the steps given by the manufacturers and physicians. Take a cool shower and avoid scrubbing your skin when the sunburns are still fresh.

Instead, give yourself ample time to cool off first for the products to work faster and easier. Sunburns mostly rid the skin of adequate moisture, leaving it painfully dry and blistered. Taking a shower after exposing your skin for long hours in the hot sun is essential for absorbing water from the skin’s pores. Gently spread some CBD cream on all the affected areas of your skin as it also helps keep the skin to stay moisturized.

General skin care

CBD cream plays multiple functions that enable your skin to stay healthy despite the sun’s rays. Besides drinking lots of water to keep your skin in perfect condition, include CBD cream in your wellness practices. Apply it daily after showering to prevent sunburns and also to keep your skin moisturized. It’s a medically approved method of staying afloat even when the sun is hotter than your skin can handle.

However, having CBD cream on your skin shouldn’t give you the license to let your guard down. The consequences and damages to your skin may be irreparable in every sense. Since your skin regenerates itself, you are safer when you are well equipped to make this continuous process a habit. Neglecting it is not an option since the skin is the largest organ and requires you to take proper care. Check the ingredients of the sunscreen you intend to purchase and ensure they are legit!

Final thoughts

Treatment and prevention of sunburn shouldn’t be such a complicated or impossible affair. On the contrary, CBD has repeatedly proven that it’s a natural and reliable part of the skincare regimen.


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