The Best Coffee Substitute That Tastes Like Coffee…

The Best Coffee Substitute That Tastes Like Coffee

“Christina, can you recommend what we can drink instead of coffee?” I get that question quite a bit and I have a few recommendations on my health blog and my YouTube channel. However, these are drinks you can drink instead of coffee. They do not taste like coffee. People love and I love the taste of the coffee in the morning. It is not only the stimulation, but it is also the actual taste!

The problem is not with drinking a cup of coffee a day. It is with drinking a few cups of coffee a day. I have noticed that the constant caffeine stimulation would get me tired by late afternoon. Other people found that they get more stressed or are unable to have a good night’s sleep if they drink more than one coffee a day. These are the main reasons someone would start looking for an alternative to coffee.

It took me a year or so to find an alternative that tastes like coffee and it’s called chicory, chicory coffee. Chicory is a plant with bright blue flowers but its not its leaves or the flower that is turned into coffee, its root is the one that is being minced, roasted, and brewed into coffee.


Chicory is linked with many health benefits including:

  • A decrease of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is associated with many health issues.
  •  An improvement in gut health which is associated with good health.

However, according to the chicory is not appropriate for everyone as it may trigger an allergic reaction in some people. It is also not recommended to pregnant women as a study showed that it may trigger a miscarriage.

You can drink chicory as you would normally do with instant coffee. I have a few step-by-step guides in my video on the subject.


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