5 Benefits Of Red Light Therapy…

5 Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

There is a new way to treat an assortment of mental and physical conditions. This treatment doesn’t involve lengthy and expensive office or spa visits. There are also no drugs or lotions to use. Red light therapy is natural and it’s the new way to treat many of life’s ailments.

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Improves mental acuity

Mental acuity (sharpness) depends on light. It is closely related to circadian rhythms and whether or not you get enough sleep. Blue light, on the other hand, which comes from computer and phone screens, disrupts circadian rhythms and tells the brain that it’s time to be wide awake, which prevents a good night’s sleep. To be fully alert during the day, you need to sleep 8-10 hours per night. Most Americans, especially teenagers, don’t get anywhere near that amount of rest. Red light helps you produce melatonin. This is a natural sleep-inducing hormone. It can be purchased as a sleep aid but red light waves can help you produce your own.

Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Many people start to feel down as days shorten in the fall. This phenomenon used to simply be called “the blues” but now it has an official diagnosis: seasonal affective disorder. This condition happens when the brain does not get enough light. Home red light therapy devices can reverse the light deficiency and make fall and winter happier for many people. All it takes is sitting near the red light for an hour or more a day to make the symptoms better. This kind of device resembles a mirror.

Promotes hair regrowth

Although red light therapy can’t help those with no hair at all, it can promote a big improvement in thinning hair. Not only can it increase the thickness of individual hairs, but it can also wake up hair follicles that have become inactive. For hair red light therapy, caps are available that treat the entire scalp at once. It only takes about ten minutes a day for hair regrowth to begin.

Treat skin conditions

Red light therapy can treat a large variety of skin conditions at home. Especially when the face has flaws, you can become very self-conscious. For example, those with the condition called rosacea, are sometimes thought to be alcoholics since their cheeks are always flushed. Psoriasis is another unsightly skin condition that gives skin a scaly appearance. Others might be afraid that it’s transmissible and be reluctant to perform simple actions like shaking hands. Red light therapy can improve or even clear up both rosacea and psoriasis completely.

Those plagued by wrinkles or scars can also benefit from red light therapy. The types of devices that improve the look of skin are wands that are used to treat one area at a time or whole-face devices that resemble masks. Wrinkles and scars are benefited from the production of collagen that the red light encourages. Unsightly and painful cold sores disappear with the help of red light. In this case, the light therapy causes the virus cells responsible for the breakout to explode so recovery time is a fraction of what it normally would be.

Relieves pain

Whether your pain is from an injury or a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, red light therapy is proving effective in treating it. Red light can penetrate deep into the skin and increase blood flow to the area which reduces inflammation and promotes healing. A bed similar to a tanning bed is probably not going to be a popular home purchase but could provide full-body relief when used in either a spa or holistic practitioner’s office. If you are struggling with either pain or a painfully embarrassing skin condition, red light therapy is worth a try. The red light can’t harm you and it may provide many benefits. Since most other treatments from topical ointments to pills can come with serious side effects, this natural light therapy is definitely worth a try.


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