The Top Benefits Of Getting Outside…

The Top Benefits Of Getting Outside

Today, most people spend a lot of their time indoors, under harsh lights, and in front of electronic devices. After leaving work, they go home and sit in front of the television until it is time to go to bed.

While this may be what a typical day looks like for most people, research has shown that it is important to make time to get outside. In fact, there are more than a few benefits of getting outdoors, at least for some time each day. Along with getting outdoors, you can significantly improve your health by learning what is Thrive and adding this to your routine. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits offered by getting outside.

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Receive an energy boost

Do you want another cup of coffee? Maybe instead of drinking more caffeine, you should spend some time outside. In fact, some studies have suggested that spending just 20 minutes outside, in the open air, gives your brain a boost of energy. The energy it provides is comparable to a single cup of coffee.

Improve your short-term memory

Walking in nature has memory-promoting benefits that other walks can’t compare with. In a recent study, participants were given a memory test. After the test, they were divided into two groups. One group of people took a walk down a city street while another group walked around a greenhouse. When they returned, the test was given again to each group. The individuals who had walked in the trees did about 20% better than they did the first time. Those who walked down the city street did not have any significant improvements.

A similar study conducted on people with depression, when they walked in nature, improved their memory. In fact, the improvement in memory from walking in nature was considered significant compared to walking in an urban environment.

Increase life satisfaction

Have you been feeling blue? If so, consider visiting somewhere that’s green! According to one study, men and women who spend just 20 minutes in a park report an increase of 64% in life satisfaction. Unfortunately, the satisfaction levels did not relate to the physical activity. Instead, the boost in well-being occurred exclusively from visiting the greenspace. While this is true, moving and exercising do offer quite a few other health benefits.

It feels easier when exercising outside

Have you noticed that it feels easier to exercise outside? One reason for this could be your surroundings. Studies have proven that people who exercise in natural areas do not feel as much physical exertion, and they experience more positive moods. This means that being around plants, trees, and grass may provide you with a significant energy boost, along with the health benefits of working out.

Enjoy a destressing effect

When you are outside, you may experience less stress. It has been proven that someone who feels stressed can seek relief in the forest with “forest therapy.” Also, office workers who have a view of nature from a window are less stressed and enjoy higher levels of job satisfaction.

Elevate levels of Vitamin D

Regular exposure to the sun provides you with a good source of vitamin D. Up to 40% of men and women in the U.S. are considered vitamin D deficient. This can cause several dangerous health implications, including osteoporosis, cancer, and depression. It is a good idea to try to get outdoors midday. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of time. Around noon the UVB rays reach their peak, and if you get outdoors later in the day, your risk of skin cancer will go up.

Head outdoors and enjoy better health

If you want to improve your health, it is important to get outdoors. Doing so is going to benefit you in many ways and help you feel better. Along with improving your physical health, getting outside will help improve your mental and emotional health, too. This makes it well worth the time and effort.


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