Bare Your Soles For Your Health: Benefits Of Earthing…

Bare Your Soles For Your Health: Benefits Of Earthing


As technology has advanced over time, humans have become more and more separated from Mother Nature. Whereas we once lived in harmony, it now seems that humans and nature are on opposite sides of the spectrum. This separation from nature is a major contributor to the growing levels of stress many of us feel.

Luckily, there is a simple method to bring yourself back closer to nature. It is known as ‘earthing’ and it is all about coupling your body to the planet’s natural energy by sitting, sleeping or simply walking in direct contact with the Earth.

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The Negativity of Positive Electrons

One major side effect of our growing reliance on technology is that our bodies are continually bombarded with positive electrons. These positive electrons, or free radicals, can contribute directly to cell damage and play an important role in the aging process. In addition to being one of the leading causes of cancer, many people also believe that these free radicals lead to a degradation in both our physical and emotional well-being.

The problem is that positive electrons are absolutely everywhere and are especially prevalent in indoor environments. Computers, HVAC systems, TVs, radios and high-voltage power grids—virtually every form of technology we now rely on produces positive electrons. By spending too much time indoors or in urban environments separated from nature, our bodies can eventually become overwhelmed by these free radicals. This is why we suffer from headaches, sleep disorders, brain fuzz and have low attention span.

The Positive Power of Negative Electrons

The Earth continuously gives off electric energy, and every living thing on this planet is connected to this ground energy. That is, every living thing except humans.

Animals living as one with nature in the forest don’t experience feelings of anxiety or depression. Instead, these emotions are exclusively human problems, which can be reduced or even eliminated if we simply reconnect with nature by walking barefoot or sleeping in direct contact with the ground.

The Earth continuously gives off an unending supply of negative electrons, which can help balance out our bodies by counteracting all of the positive electrons we’re continuously bombarded with. Luckily, our skin basically acts as a conductor, so it absorbs electrical charges from the ground if we simply place our feet, hands or other body parents directly in contact with it.

After being absorbed, these negative electrons travel throughout the body to wherever they’re needed and restore the body’s natural energy balance.

Healing Properties of Earth’s Electrons

  • Say goodbye to pain: Chronic pain is often caused by inflammation, and there is evidence that negative electrons can directly contribute to decreasing it. This means that earthing can help speed up healing and shorten recovery time, while also eliminating muscle tension and associated headaches.
  • Sleep tight: Connecting your body to the planet also helps you to normalize your biological and circadian rhythms. In turn, this can combat against a range of sleeping disorders.
  • Energize: Negative electrons can improve your blood flow and blood pressure. As a result, you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on the day.
  • De-stress: Spending time in direct contact with nature is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Through relaxation, you can reduce your level of stress hormones and thus feel more of a sense of calm.
  • Stop PMS: Similar to reducing stress hormones, earthing can also lessen the effects of female hormones and thus lessen the chance of menstrual problems.
  • Sit up straight: Earthing can even benefit your posture. Evidence shows that walking barefoot is much better for your back, which is yet another reason why we all need to do it.

Getting Grounded

As a child, the term ‘grounded’ was probably something you feared as it meant you’d be stuck inside for days. Now, the term should mean the exact opposite. Being grounded means being in direct contact with grass, dirt, water or sand. Simply sitting, standing or walking on the ground for 30 minutes is often enough to minimize stress or pain. However, you’ll generally get the greatest benefit from the beach due to the high conductivity of salt water and sand.

Still, the most important thing is that you focus on connecting with nature to fully gain the benefit of its energy.

No Shoes, No Blues

As you can see, walking barefoot can actually provide a wide range of benefits for your overall physical health and mental well-being. There is truly nothing like allowing yourself to fully connect with nature and enjoy all of her many benefits. Plus, walking barefoot on grass, sand or dirt feels fantastic.

Don’t be afraid to kick off your shoes and get your feet dirty. It might just make you happier and healthier.


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