11 Health Benefits Of Ayurveda Massage…

11 Health Benefits Of Ayurveda Massage

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means!” – David Frawley

Also known as ‘abhyangam’, which means ‘towards the body’ or ‘in the direction of the body’, an ayurvedic massage is done using medicated oils on the body and the head. An ayurvedic massage in Ayurveda texts is considered to be one of the best things to do which will strengthen us mentally and physically. For vata and kapha body types, sesame oil is usually used, and for pitta body types, coconut oil is used in most of the Ayurveda retreats.

According to the ayurvedic principles, those who have vata body types need to have an ayurvedic massage everyday. For those with pitta body types, the massage should be done every two days. And for those with kapha body types, the recommended massage dose should be once a week.

When the ayurvedic massage is done and over with, one must have a warm bath thereafter and relax.

In short, with an ayurveda massage you have improved body immunity.

So let’s take a detailed look at the eleven benefits of Ayurveda massage that you can take from any Ayurveda resorts.

1. Brings down stress, heart rate and blood pressure in the body

There are numerous studies that show the positive effects of an ayurvedic massage on the body. For example, studies have shown high amounts of stress reduction in the body when an ayurvedic massage is done. Likewise there is also a consequent reduction of heart rate too. And blood pressure in pre-hypertensive subgroup people were found to be lowered after an ayurvedic massage was done daily on them.

2. Bringing down of burning sensations in Diabetic patients

In some studies, it was seen that after the feet was massaged with herbal oils for half an hour everyday, for a fortnight, there was a major decrease in the burning sensation in patients who suffered from diabetic neuropathy. Although after sixty days of follow up the same symptoms re-appeared, but the intensity was much less for the patients to deal with as they did on day one, say experts

3. Weight gain happened in low birth weight babies

There were studies published in the International Journal of Science and Research that said there were positive effects, physiologically and behavioral wise on low birth weight babies, after an ayurvedic massage was administered to them daily. The studies concluded that daily massages to these babies helped them gain weight and also helped them to better adapt to the external stimuli. It was also assumed that a massage was an easy and safe option to give to a low birth weight baby, and help him/her grow and develop into a healthy adult. This is regarded as one of the most significant benefits of Ayurveda massage.

4. Eliminates toxins from the body and helps with weight loss too

In this day and age, almost everyone is suffering from obesity or overweight issues. People spend a lot of money on medication and treatments to shed excess weight and end up unhappy. One must try and make an ayurveda massage a partner in getting the results they want to see with weight loss. According to ayurveda, too much body weight is thought of as an imbalance in the body. With medicated oils used in the ayurvedic massage, they help burn fat fast and get the body rid of toxins and impurities too.

5. Helps to calm the nerves and promotes good night sleep

When you have an ayurvedic massage, you get to nourish your brain, your nervous system, the mind and the soul, the skin and the joints too. The massage helps emulate the feeling of being wrapped in loving arms. It helps one feel powerful and how one feels about themselves, as well as everything and everyone around you too. Anxieties are replaced with a sense of contentment and calmness. The medicated oils used in ayurveda are stable, heavy, warm, calming and grounding.

6. Helps to soften and smoothen the skin and brings down the signs of ageing

If you have been dreaming of having beautiful skin despite the seasonal changes without any cracking or dryness, try the ayurveda oil therapy. It helps create a barrier between the harsh environment changes and the skin. It keeps the skin supple and soft at all times. You would notice how the skin becomes resistant towards cracking and dryness and even bruising, all thanks to the lubrication and the hydration of the ayurvedic oils. A full ayurvedic oil massage helps the skin with vibrancy and also helps reduce the signs of ageing too.

7. Blood circulation is improved in the long run

An ayurvedic massage helps with an increase in blood circulation all over the body, and helps remove metabolic wastes too, which brings a lot of relief from diseases and increases stamina and energy which last all day long. A very important benefit of the ayurveda massage is to help nourish the body and send blood to each and every part of the body. This helps increase blood oxygen levels in the body and the whole body is in harmony and balance.

8. Internal organs are stimulated very well with ayurveda massages

One of the benefits of having an ayurveda massage is to nourish and stimulate the internal organs of the body. With the massage, the functioning of the organs are tuned up and the body’s ability to help flush out the toxins is improved as well. This helps energize and revitalize the body in the long run.

9. Ayurveda massages have physical and mental effects

With an ayurveda massage, there are physical and mental and emotional effects that the body gains. Each one of us needs to be cared for and nourished at the same time loved too. By making the ayurveda massage a daily practice, one would be taking care of themselves and thanking their bodies too. It is important to have some ‘me time’ and do the massage daily which allows you to have peace and tranquility as well.

10. Helps detox the body

In an ayurvedic massage, warm medicated oils are used. These oils penetrate into the skin cells and release toxins from the body, mentally, physically and spiritually. Hence the body gets detoxed from head to toe, from the inside to the outside. The herbs and oils used are carefully selected to suit the body type or the dosha you have, which enables you to precipitate the toxins that are stored up in the body.

11. Ayurvedic massages help pacify the dosha in the body

Ayurvedic massages are known to pacify the vata dosha in the body. In our daily lives, we have a lot of stress and anxiety, which is the cause of imbalance in the body that happens because of the vata dosha. What is vata pacifying are warm oils and a soothing touch to the body, and the combination of the two work best. Blood circulation is increased, the nerve endings are taken care of, and one gets better sleep at night too.

In a nutshell…

So here were the eleven benefits of having an ayurvedic massage. If you have already tried an ayurvedic massage at one of the Ayurveda retreats and would like to share your own experience, do write in.


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