The Unspoken Benefit of Hands-On Therapy…

The Unspoken Benefit of Hands-On Therapy


Science has come a long way when it comes to understanding the body. Anatomy, physiology, and the relationship between all the body systems are becoming better known as research continues to unfold in vital areas of health and wellness advancement.

At the root of each of our health disciplines was an inherent desire to learn more about something related to the body. Medicine was focused on the fluids of the body, massage with the tissues, osteopathy with the mechanics of the body, etc. Each had its area of interest and focus. Chiropractic care was no different. It was directed at discovering more about the role our nervous system played with body function and health. Currently, we know an extensive amount regarding nervous system function and dysfunction based on scientific evidence including its features with regulation, control, healing and more.

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Is Science everything?

However, there is a lingering theory of old that is harder to test, harder to embrace, and yet could be the most significant benefit of hands-on therapy that remains unspoken in many fields including chiropractic. Science is unraveling more and more about the “energy” that makes things alive through fields of study like quantum mechanics and perhaps one day this will support the older, seemingly unscientific and untestable, theories.

One such supposition was that the nervous system’s role was to unite man the physical with man the spiritual. In my own understanding, I see the body as having a glue that holds it together. While science can take an existing cell from any tissue in the body and clone a new you, what it can’t do is design that cell from scratch with all its known parts, hook it up to some jumper cables, and shock it to life. In fact, one of the tenets of science is that only life can create life. Further, as much as evolution is an accepted theory in many ways, the fact remains that it is an unreproducible one for this very reason.

In contrast and amazingly the body can take a reproductive cell, split it in half, join it with half of a cell from the opposite sex and create a new person! At that moment, something happens to that cell that creates a new person. It is infused not with life, but with “a” life. Not just the parts of the new person and his or her body, but the future “person” him/herself. It’s one thing to make a body, it’s another to make a person. What makes that person living, unique, one-of-a-kind, and scientifically duplicatable but not ever being replicated from scratch?

You are more than the sum of your parts!

To many, the answer is energy…to others it’s spirit. Either way, there’s something there…or nothing, depending on the perspective! However, that energy or spirit must be organized and directed. It must be controlled and regulated. That’s the job of the nervous system! Instead of just sending signals in adaptation as part of miraculous feedback loop, there is also this connection with something deeper. And that something deeper can very well be a part of what heals and creates the benefit when we receive therapy, especially by touch.

This spirit is not necessarily a religious one, as with the soul. However, there could be some involvement in some way. The textbooks can refer to this “being” part of our existence as “innate intelligence”. It is also referred to by many other terms in many disciplines, which further acknowledges an interest in its existence.

So, the next time you’re getting a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, or a shiatsu treatment, know that you’re getting the physical benefit, but also the neurological benefit that may be tapping into your biggest ally when it comes to being healthy and alive.


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