4 Ayurvedic Tips to Maintain Good Oral Health…

4 Ayurvedic Tips to Maintain Good Oral Health


As one of the oldest holistic medical practices in the world, Ayurveda isn’t just for general health. There’s plenty of Ayurvedic medical practices that deal directly with maintaining good oral health.

Here are four great natural ways to keep your teeth, tongue, and mouth fresh and healthy.

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Toss Out the Supermarket Toothpaste

When it comes to dental health, Ayurvedic medicine is quite specific – the toothpaste you find in the supermarket are loaded with baking soda and fluoride, which is thought to lead to gum erosion. Likewise, the flavors of modern toothpaste are thought to thicken saliva, which increases the amount of calcium in your mouth, leading to the formation of tartar.

Instead, Ayurvedic recommends a toothpaste that is bitter and has astringent qualities. Used mixture of certain herbs like fennel, clove, cinnamon, and others to clean their teeth; modern toothpaste made with these herbs can be found at Indian markets or from your favorite online Ayurveda website.

Give Your Tongue Some Love

Ever wake up with the unpleasant feeling like your tongue is coated with something nasty? You can use your toothbrush to give your tongue a good scrubbing, but that puts you at risk of hurting yourself. No, there are better ways to clean your tongue – and one of the best is a regular Ayurvedic practice. In ancient texts, the tongue takes on a great level of importance. This means that both ancient Ayurvedic medicine practitioners and other dental health professionals place great importance on keeping the tongue clean – and there are specially designed stainless steel tongue scrapers that can accomplish the task safely and well.

Tongue scraping, Ayurveda says, can reduce bad breath, make your food taste better, and even make your mind sharper.

Switch Up Your Chewing Gum

Chewing the occasional Chicklet might not seem like such a bad thing, but there are much better ways keep your mouth clean and healthy. Ayurvedic medicine practitioners view most chewing gum as having the same negative aspects of modern toothpaste, making it important to find an alternative. And an alternative there is. Licorice root is a natural breath freshener, keeps the mouth clean between meals, and is thought by Ayurveda to stimulate the digestive tract, increasing helpful secretions that aid in keeping you healthy. This makes it a perfect replacement for chewing gum.

Don’t Gargle with Just Any Mouthwash

Modern mouthwashes are composed of harsh chemicals that, from an Ayurvedic’s point of view, are doing much more harm than good. these mouthwashes might be meant to sterilize, but it’s overkill – like burning your house down to get rid of a spider. Ayurveda has an answer to overpowered mouthwash. Instead of gargling with what’s essentially rubbing alcohol, choose an organic and unrefined sesame oil product that’s been warmed to around room temperature. Keep it up for about a minute before spitting it out down the drain – and before you rinse, take a bit more and give your gums a massage to ensure a clean, healthy mouth.

These are just a few ways to use Ayurveda to provide for better dental health. Turn to your trusted Ayurvedic expert to learn even more!


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Normand Bach

Dr. Normand Bach received his dental degree from the University of Montreal in 2002, and completed a certificate of multidisciplinary residency at Notre-Dame Hospital in 2003. In 2008, Dr. Bach completed a Master’s Degree of Science and a Certificate in Orthodontics at the University of Montreal. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Montreal and is responsible for the undergraduate orthodontic clinic, in addition to maintaining a private practice limited to orthodontics in Montreal. https://orthodontistemontreal.com/

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