6 Natural Alternatives To Prescription Drugs…

6 Natural Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

When you are sick or injured, it may seem like a burden to go to the doctor. Especially if you have an aversion to Western medicine, you may want to research other ways that you can stay healthy without relying on harmful medications. Here are some of the most popular alternative health remedies that will keep your body in the best shape it can be.

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Acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture is a popular procedure in Eastern medicine that involves placing needles strategically in areas that will help to reduce mental and physical pain or discomfort. It can be a good choice if you are seeking a form of pain relief that is effective but does not require harmful opioids or other pain medications. It has even been shown to help lessen cravings for cigarettes and even provide relief from allergies in some cases.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to help with many bodily issues you may have. Many brands, such as Young Living Essential Oils, are considered therapeutic grade, which means they do not contain harmful ingredients and are the purest form of concentrate that can be offered in oil form. Essential oils come in many different forms and can be utilized in ways such as applying topically with a carrier oil, diffusing to make your home smell wonderful or even safely ingested in small amounts.


If you are suffering from head, neck, shoulder or back pain, then you may want to consider visiting a chiropractor for an evaluation and adjustment. Chiropractors are skilled in relieving tension in the muscles that are strained and cause discomfort. If you have periodic back issues, you may need to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis, so you can maintain an active lifestyle.


Getting a massage has many more benefits than just a relaxing way to unwind either by yourself or with your partner. It has proven health advantages, such as relieving symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as helping to heal your muscles if they have been overworked or burdened.

For those who suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, massage can be extremely helpful in managing discomfort. If you suffer from a work injury or muscle strain, try booking a massage to help mitigate the pain before it gets worse.

Medical cannabis

Thanks to the many states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana, a new option has opened for people who have health issues that mainstream medicine and therapy cannot solve. You can consume cannabis that only contains CBD, the agent that is meant to help manage pain, or both CBD and THC, which can have therapeutic effects on the mind and mental health. You can purchase topical rubs and lotions to relax your muscles and joints if they are experiencing discomfort, or you can simply inhale the product directly to get a full effect.

Mindfulness and meditation

If you suffer from mental health issues, and you do not want to rely on a doctor, therapist, or antidepressants that could produce side effects, then the practice of meditating and regulating your thoughts can be great for changing your mindset. Mindfulness is the act of focusing on what you are thinking about, and actively working to change your outlook on certain aspects of your life.

Paired with meditation, you can practice mindfulness a few minutes every day, where you are focused completely on your mental well-being, and improving your thought processes towards a more positive trend rather than negative.

You don’t have to feel like you cannot get the help you need for your ailments if you do not want to go to the doctor. With these remedies, you can form a treatment plan that is natural, holistic, and will treat your health issues in a much more natural way.


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