7 Self-Care Tips For Exhausted Empaths…

7 Self-Care Tips For Exhausted Empaths

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Are you a regularly exhausted empath who constantly feels worn out, overwhelmed and depleted? Too many Highly Sensitive People and empaths suffer from constant tiredness or fatigue. And many more suffer from serious forms of burn-out such as adrenal fatigue or more serious and severe forms of M.E./CFS.

I know how too easy this can happen. As a highly sensitive empath who suffered serious burn-out in my early twenties. Who in only a few years I went from someone who was full of energy (I loved to dance, sing, run) to within a few years of exhaustion becoming seriously disabled. At times I was hardly able to lift my head or get out of bed. At times easily sleeping up to 20 hours a day just to function. I suffered all sorts of medical complications that left me largely house and bedbound.

Now for various reasons Empaths are easy targets for serious fatigue disorders and health challenges. Empaths have the finely tuned sensory processing system of an HSP. That makes them process a lot more information and senses than the average person. Include to the mix the additional emotional pull, anxiety, and stress of being highly empathic. Where you feel other’s pain and drama. Empaths are often seriously exhausted and depleted by the emotional and mental negativity of those around them.

Empaths simply feel far too much when it comes to the energy around them because they are a lot more emotionally aware and compassionate about other people’s needs. They are also far more sensitive to unhealthy energy frequencies in the environment e.g. EMFs and RF waves. So you may find you get easily tired around computers and technology.

If you are an easily exhausted empath it is vital you start listening to your body. Your body is shout out to you that something needs attention!!! Something is in a state of dis-ease. It is so important to look closely at why you are exhausted. Exhaustion can be caused by a whole host of problems. But the problem with so many empaths is they are so busy taking care of others they aren’t listening. Listening to what their body is clearly saying. I learned the hard way how much of a fine line lies between balance and imbalance, dis-ease and serious disease.

But I also know as a coach, healer, and therapist for many years how you can be a much happier, healthier and Empowered Empath with some simple self-care.

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Self-care for empaths and highly sensitive people

1. Listen To Your Body – Learn how to listen and care for your body. Stop trying to be someone else, your bodies fatigue, your mind’s confusion is giving you out huge signs on how you’re treating yourself and your body.

2. Live In The Moment – Stop worrying over yesterday, about tomorrow, about your friend, your family. Focus on one moment at a time, one day at a time, one task at a time.

3. Nurture Your Body – Learn how to love and nurture your body, just like you would nurture, love and care for a child. You deserve to be loved and cared for the way you care for others.

4. Nourish Your Body – Give your body the right fuel, the right liquid, the right nutrients. Stop filling it with quick-fix hits of caffeine, sugar, nicotine that stress out your central nervous system.

5. Learn To Meditate Learn how to meditate. Meditation will help you naturally slow down and help you become more aware when you’re putting others need before your needs.

6. Learn To Relax – Learn how to properly relax. If you are chronically anxious or chronically stressed you will find it difficult to switch off. But rest and relaxation is vital to help repair your body. When you are unable to relax, you find it much harder to get into deep quality sleep. Good quality sleep is necessary for the body to heal, to feel refreshed.

7. Listen To Your Inner GuidanceTake time daily to listen in to your own inner guidance. When you’re so busy, anxious or stressed. You cannot hear your inner voice, you are often too busy listening to your fear, your ego.


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