6 Herbal Teas To Help You Sleep Better…

6 Herbal Teas To Help You Sleep Better

If you feel like you haven’t been sleeping well lately or finding it hard to fall asleep after you hit the bed, chances are your mind is troubled and you’re unable to relax. Good sleep is important for maintaining good health as our body recovers and rejuvenates when we’re sleeping. But don’t worry! You need not diagnose yourself of insomnia and start taking medicine. There’s a simpler solution you can try.

With naturally calming sedative effects, herbal teas have become the best thing to help you unwind before bed. Many studies and research have found a strong correlation between the consumption of herbal teas and improvement in the quality of sleep. Let’s look at some of the most effective herbal teas.

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1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and relieve stress for centuries. This tea is made from pretty white flowers of the chamomile plant and has a soothing fragrance and tastes like crisp apples. Chamomile tea also has an anti-oxidant called apigenin which induces sleep and improves the overall quality of sleep.

2. Lavender Tea

The Greeks and the Romans popularized lavender for soothing the senses with its calming fragrance. Due to this, lavender is used for everything from bathing salts to essential oils for aromatherapy. Lavender tea is made from small purple buds of the lavender plant. It induces the feeling of peace and helps us get into a state of deep sleep.

3. Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea is a special herbal tea that’s made from the leaves of the lemongrass plant. As the name suggests, the tea smells and tastes like citrus lemon which soothes the senses and triggers happy emotions. Lemongrass tea is known for increasing the happy hormones such as serotonin which help in improving overall mood.

4. Passionflower Tea

Passionflower tea has been traditionally used to alleviate anxiety and induce sleep. Recent studies have also revealed that tea can help in treating insomnia. Passionflower tea is made from dried flowers, leaves and stems of passionflower plant. The tea has an earthy taste and contains flavones that help in calming down.

5. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm tea is derived from lemon balm plant of the mint family. You can grow this plant in your own garden as its leaves have a host of health benefits. These leaves are dried to prepare lemon balm tea which is a great natural sedative. This tea also helps in relaxing the muscles and inducing good quality sleep.

6. Valerian Root Tea

Valerian root tea is known for reducing the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep and helps in sleeping more peacefully. It acts like the hormone melatonin which induces relaxation. This tea is made from the roots of valerian plant that is found in Asia and Europe and its aroma is similar to that of tea tree oil.

Say goodbye to sleeping troubles with herbal teas

Herbal teas with their wide variety of flavors and aroma help us sleep better. All you need to do is set aside 10-15 minutes for yourself to prepare your tea and sip on it every night. But this is crucial: when you sip on your bedtime tea, don’t spend time in front of the screen or on the phone. This time is for you to unwind. You can read books if reading before sleeping helps you relax.

Also, use loose leaves instead of tea bags as they have more nutrients. Hope you experience better sleep and wake up feeling completely rejuvenated!


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