5 Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling…

5 Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling

When you think of “travel” foods, chances are you think of fast food drive-throughs or over-priced airport sandwiches and snacks. After all, when you’re “on-the-go” and trying to deal with common travel stresses, it’s tempting to just grab something quick and easy that doesn’t require too much thought or preparation. But healthy choices aren’t always available in airports or on the road, which leaves you with few options besides fried foods, sugary drinks, and empty-calorie snacks. By the time you reach your destination, you’re not only jet-lagged and exhausted, but you’re also left feeling unhealthy and bloated.

The good news is, whether you’re traveling on a plane or on the road, there are a few simple and effective strategies that can help you maintain your health while traveling. Continue reading to find out how!

1. Hydate, hydate, HYDRATE!

We often skip this step when traveling—I mean, who really wants to run to the tiny airplane bathroom every twenty minutes? But the first and most important rule when traveling is to make sure that you drink PLENTY of water. Your body needs water for virtually all of its functions: it flushes out toxins, helps wake you up in the morning, keeps your skin glowing, and even helps curb those junk-food cravings.

TIP: When you’re packing for your trip, make sure to pack an empty, re-usable water bottle in your carry-on bag. After you get through security, you can fill up your bottle in the water fountain and stay hydrated all day long (without buying expensive plastic bottles at the airport!).

2. Pack snacks

When you’re traveling, you often have to go long periods of time without eating. This can cause intense cravings and lead you to buy those Doritos or eat an extra-large piece of chocolate cake later on. How can you prevent this? Pack some easy, healthy snacks in your carry on! Some ideas include: raw almonds, raw vegetables and hummus, fruit and berries, or even hard-boiled eggs (the protein fills you up!). Snack on these healthy foods throughout the day to curb those junk food cravings!

3. Avoid “feel bad” foods

We all know the feeling when our cravings lead us to indulge in that hamburger and French fries, and we are left feeling sluggish and regretful. The trick to avoid this rut is to decide before the trip which foods you are going to avoid, so that you can make healthy choices. These foods may include: simple carbs, deep-fried food, sugary sodas, or heavy desserts. If you know which foods not to eat, then you can make healthier choices on-the-go!

Tip: Write down the foods you’re going to avoid (and why you want to avoid them) and keep the list on your phone. That way, when that temptation hits, you can remember your goals and stick to them!

4. Stop at the grocery store

If you’re on a road trip, chances are you’ll see plenty of signs for tempting fast-food chains. But, instead of stopping at one of these restaurants that has limited healthy options, try stopping at a grocery store instead. Grocery stores often offer healthy food options, like a salad bar, or raw veggies and hummus, and can therefore be a healthy alternative to those greasy fast-food joints.

5. Check the Menu

When you travel, tasting new and foreign foods can be part of the highlight of the trip (as it should be!) But dining out can not only get expensive, but it can also make it difficult to stay healthy. Before you go to a restaurant, take a look at the menu online and decide before-hand what healthy options are available for you.

Tip: Try to stay at a hotel or a condo that has a kitchen or a mini-fridge. That way, you can stock up on healthy snacks that will not only help you save some dollars, but will also help keep you healthy on your trip!

Do you have any other tips or tricks to stay healthy while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!


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