The Heavens &Your Health November 2017…

The Heavens &Your Health November 2017

The Heavens &Your Health

November 2017

By Kari Noren-Hoshal

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th gets the month of November off to a surprisingly upbeat start. This Full Moon perfects just after midnightat 1:23 a.m. EST bringing the Venusian rays of peace and harmony to the sunrise. The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Taurus is Window-shoppers. “This is a symbol of human imagination as the real corrective for Man’s experience, enabling us to know in advance whether the choices we will make are in line with our true desires. Self-awareness is quickened as a result. The keyword is Visualization.” Today is a day in which we get a real visualization of what our immediate future has the potential to hold. We visualize ways in which we can bring that potential into being. Something that we view today, a house, a property, a landscape, a scene, inspires us to create a positive new direction for ourselves in the near future. Like window-shoppers, we are trying on the new clothing of the future—in our minds. These ideas are also further enhanced by the trine of the Moon today to Pluto in Capricorn. Valuable research information on a topic of interest is revealed easily—giving us insight into a subject that has seemed veiled or hidden in the past. Friends you see today may unwittingly answer important questions for you without realizing it. This is also a good day to spend some time in contemplation of what you want to materialize in the year ahead. Take a walk outdoors and allow your surroundings to trigger goals that you hold dear. You CAN make them happen!

Mercury shoots like a skyward arrow into the visionary sign of Sagittarius on Sunday the 5th at 2:19 p.m. EST. Today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time and we set our clocks back by one hour. The future-oriented and humanitarian energy of Sagittarius takes a piggy-back ride on the forward-thinking Full Moon of yesterday. Make plans today for some days off at Thanksgiving with friends and family. We are moving into the holiday season and there are good times ahead. A little Mercury-enabled planning in advance to maximize our time off is great. Mercury in Sagittarius is always happy to take a little trip of some kind. Think about spending Black Friday on the road rather than in a crowded shopping mall or in front of your computer! Mercury in Sadge does have another heavier aspect to contemplate however. Religious dogma gets up on the soap box with a bull horn during the month that the planet of communications passes through the sign of Sagittarius- inner teacher, religion and philosophy. Religious fundamentalist groups will be outspoken now and we need to avoid crowded public spaces such as train stations, malls and airports whenever possible between November 5th and January 10th. Mercury exits Sadge on January 10th after a 3-week retrograde, making it an extended stay. The prolonged period of Mercury in Sadge does not bode well for safe and efficient holiday travel. Delays, breakdowns and possible terrorist acts involving transport are to be expected. The retrograde begins December 22nd and finally ends on January 10th.

Venus sashays into the sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7th at 6:39 a.m. EST where it will remain until December 1st.  The sign that Venus occupies, steers our interest into Scorpio-related subjects such as the occult, the mysteries of life and death, medical breakthroughs, gender rights, taxes, inheritance and wealth-building. The belle of the ball will be the single Scorpio sun sign guy or gal this month. If you are single get yourself Out and About! There is a chance you will meet an appropriate new relationship partner this month. Celebrate! You will attract more than your share of attention now.

Saturn in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries from the 10th to the 14th. During this time both time-tested solutions and new ideas can be used to move forward on projects. This is an opportunity to make progress on important issues before the Mercury retrograde in December.

The fire energy of both of these outer planets in a harmonious aspect can bring brilliant solutions to fruition more quickly than expected!

The New Moon on Saturday the 18th arrives bright and early at 6:42 a.m. EST at 27 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Scorpio is A Military band on the March. “This is a symbol of the human spirit’s desire to avoid everyday drabness, pressing on toward a goal. The keyword is Intrepidness. When positive, there is a capacity to achieve seemingly impossible goals.” This New Moon is like the inspiring sound of a marching band that gives us energy to march on when we feel tired and discouraged. If you are feeling the tiredness that comes with the shorter days of Winter, this New Moon can help to pep you up again. Work smarter, not harder by thinking ahead on what you need to accomplish in the coming week. Perhaps you can combine tasks and/or errands and conserve some energy?  The Moon moves into inspiring Sagittarius at 1:59 p.m. EST. The Sun in Sagittarius is just 3 days away at the start of Thanksgiving Week on the 21st.  Use the fresh, energizing energy of this New Moon to bring new projects to life until they culminate with the next Full Moon on Sunday, December 3rd.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! This is truly a happy upcoming year for you after having solar system heavyweight Saturn in your sign since December 24th of 2014. You have been under the gun in many areas of your life for the past three years with Saturn keeping your nose to the grindstone in areas involving integrity, responsibility and self-discipline. Now, on December 21st,  Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn and your load will begin to lighten. Overall, you should start to feel less stressed by your job and personal obligations over the next six months. In fact, projects that you have invested major energy in over the past three years will also start to yield a financial benefit. Whether you counted upon this benefit or not, the positive improvement in finances will very welcome! You worked hard for this Archers —and you deserve it! Sagittarians are the visionaries of the zodiac. They tend to be big thinkers with a humanitarian bent to their work. Sagittarius rules long distance travel, higher education, philosophy, religion and publishing. Their high-minded projects are of great benefit to many. Sagittarians often travel far and wide in their lives and are fascinated by other cultures, often marrying someone from a different culture or part of the country. The Sagittarian Sun sign period covers the exciting lead up to the holidays from November 21st,  on Thanksgiving Week, to the 20th of December this year. Take Black Friday off Sagittarians! It’s time to celebrate the return of your Sun! This year it is shining brightly!

Neptune goes direct at 11 degrees 28 minutes Pisces on Wednesday the 22nd. Retrograde since June 16th, the outermost planet of our solar system allows us to dive deep into the still waters of spirituality over the winter months. Neptune’s orbit is often outside that of Pluto making it the outermost planet. It is also now in its home sign of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. As such, Neptune is bringing a higher degree of spiritual intuition to the fore on our planet. The two major terrorist acts that took place in Las Vegas on October 1st and in New York City on October 31st reached the eyes and ears of millions worldwide through the media. The world “ethernet” of prayer and compassion, growing stronger by the day, also reaches many millions and is strengthened by our prayers for peace. Mayan Day Keepers, such as Jose Federico Munoz, Keeper of Kame Cimi Skully, the 9th of the 13 ancient crystal skulls on the planet, work daily to protect our Mother Earth with a crystalline grid of prayer and energetic protection. With Neptune direct, as of the 22nd we can take a moment to ally ourselves with this grid and to make it a part of our lives. The return of Neptune energy full force between today and June 18th, 2018 gives us ample time to learn more about the crystalline grid and how we can contribute energetically to our Mother Earth’s protection. See Jose Federico Munoz’ facebook for more information and send a friend request.

What a beautiful energy to bring to Thanksgiving Day with Neptune direct! The Moon in Capricorn on Thursday the 23rd makes tradition a must. Gather together with family and/or friends for a meal. This is not a day to eat out. Cook a meal if you can. Family togetherness feels good. There is so much to be grateful for. The Sun moves into networking Aquarius at 3:14 p.m. EST today. It is likely that internet Black Friday sales will start early today and yield very big results.

Now let’s take a look at the celestial weather forecast for each sign of the zodiac.

Aries: March 20-April 18

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th falls into your solar 2nd house of finance and values. You may be experiencing a financial crisis now or there may be a positive financial culmination at this time. The Full Moon today gives you a glimpse into the future– if you look for it. Take the image you perceive as a confirmation that you can achieve an important goal you are concerned about. It is time to take action now at the culmination of the Full Moon. The month improves as the Sun goes from Scorpio into Sagittarius on the 21st. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th falls into your solar 8th house of taxes, inheritance, shared resources and sexual partners. You have an opportunity to strengthen an alliance now. Your partner may be needing your help and you will summon your strength to help in any way that you can between the 17th and 18th. Before Saturday is through you will be assured that you will have success for you both. Well done Rams!


Taurus: April 19-May 19

The Full Moon in your sign on Saturday, November 4th, comes at a time of extreme stress. The opposition of the Scorpio Sun to your own has leached a lot of your strength from you recently. In addition, you have been burning the candle at both ends with projects and personal commitments. At this Full Moon you have to take back your personal health and time by giving yourself more time to rest.  It feels as though you have passed a test to have completed some recent tasks. The arrival of Thanksgiving with the Sagittarius Sun (after the 21st) is a week you look forward to each year. Enjoy it with great gratitude for all you have accomplished this year. The remainder of 2017 will be easier. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th     falls into your solar 7th house and helps you to rise to one more public occasion before you rest for the year. This is likely to be a day in which you will need to assist others or socialize when you would prefer to spend time alone. The arrival of the Sagittarius Moon at 1:59 p.m. EST on Saturday the 18th signals your opportunity to relax and experience some free time. Enjoy! You’ve earned this Bulls.


Gemini: May 20-June 20

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th, falls into your solar 12th house of endings and meditation. A loss is experienced now or a feeling of surrender ensues at this time. If you retreat to a quiet neutral space now, meditation will inform you as to how to resolve the situation in the future. This can be a difficult time of year for the Twins, especially as of the 21st when the Sagittarius Sun rises and opposes your own. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th falls into your solar 6th house of daily work, health, nutrition, exercise and pets. You may experience a fall cold or illness during the stressful time leading up to this New Moon. A solution related to one of these sixth house issues will come your way if you are looking for it on Saturday the 18th. Take care of business and then make SURE to get more rest this weekend.

Cancer: June 21-July 21

The Scorpio Sun period is especially good for you this year. Jupiter, now in Scorpio, trines your Sun bringing new opportunities your way. You can take advantage of these with greater ease than in years past. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th falls into your solar 11th house of friends, organizations and charities. A friendship may be coming to a very pleasant culmination now or you may be recognized by an organization you support.The sextile (encouragement) of this Earth sign to your water sign Sun makes you able to accomplish good work in the name of an organization. Use this advantage for the good of all. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio trines (or harmonizes) with your Sun. this New Moon falls into your solar 5th house of children, creativity and romance. This can be a very creative and romantic time of year for the Crab. Don’t shy away from experiencing what you want now. The coming year, until November of 2018, with Jupiter in Scorpio, can bring a significant romantic relationship your way.

Leo: July 22-August 21

November is a difficult month for the Lion until the arrival of the Sagittarius Sun in a fellow fire sign on the 21st. One other advantageous aspect is the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries between the 10th and the 14th which will allow you to make a sudden leap forward in your work that you had not expected. The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th squares your Sun and falls into your solar 10th house of career and standing in the community. You will need to prove yourself in the next two weeks before the New Moon. The coming year will provide many challenges to your personal sense of security with Jupiter in Scorpio until November of next year. You will need to work harder than ever to prove yourself over the next year. From now through next year, the North Node in Leo helps you to keep your heart’s goals intact. When you hold true to your heart’s true desire, you will succeed. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th again squares your Sun and this time falls into your solar 4th house of the family and your physical home. You can have a greater understanding of a family member now and make a new start together. You may find a solution to home repair or you may find an actual new home to purchase. This will be an important moment in your year. Make the most of it.

Virgo: August 22-September 21

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th makes a welcome trine (or harmonization) to your Sun in a fellow earth sign. This is a feel-good day when physical energy is yours! Get a lot done with relative ease today. Even mundane errands can be enjoyable when you are feeling physically well and strong! The Scorpio Sun this month until the 21st makes an encouraging sextile to your Sun. This is your opportunity to really make some progress at work AND around the house. The amount of elbow grease that you put into your projects will be equaled by the satisfaction you receive from them. The New Moon on Saturday the 18th at 27 degrees Scorpio falls into your solar 3rd house of short trips, transportation, communications, siblings, neighbors and practical education. You get a new start in one of these areas this Saturday, whether that means getting the car fixed or buying a new computer. Both of these activities are favored for you this weekend. You can spend some enjoyable time with siblings, friends and neighbors this weekend too. Don’t get so tied up in doing errands that you forget to have fun. Plan an informal pre-Thanksgiving get together and enjoy!

Libra: September 22-October 22: 

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th is in your fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus. Enjoy some beauty today! This Full Moon falls into your solar 8th house of shared resources, inheritance, taxes and sexual partnerships. There is a culmination in one of these areas. If you look, you will be able to see into the future of how this issue has potential to evolve. If you receive news of a future inheritance for example, you can envision how to best take care of that nest egg in order to enjoy it most. All in all this weekend is likely to be quite enjoyable for you. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th can bring a new start in the financial arena for you. This New Moon falls into your solar 2nd house of finances and values. Take action today toward making a new financial start in some way, whether that is opening a savings account, investing in something of value or giving a gift of some kind to a younger person– to invest in them. “Pay it forward” to create greater abundance for the future.

Scorpio: October 23-November 20

Happy Birthday Scorpio! Each year we look to the aspects your Sun makes to inner and outer planets to determine the type of year that awaits you. Please note: If you don’t see your birthday included in the aspects discussed you are not being forgotten or left out. This means that you are blessed to experience a year in the essence of Scorpio. (Scorpio natives born on October 31st, between November 12th and the 16th and between November 19th and the 21st  will have an un-aspected Scorpio year.) With an un-aspected Scorpio year, you are likely to be involved in an important career year with greater opportunity as well as a caring family, friend or romantic relationship. This year you will experience emotional connections at a deep level. Children will be important to you and you will do everything possible to take care of the children in your life. This is also a good year to conceive and/or increase the size of your family through adoption or pets. All in all, this will be a great year ahead! All Scorpios will experience the major influx of new experiences that comes with having Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune in your sign this year. At first, some of the changes may be earth shattering and not the kind of change you want to experience at all. Over time however, you see changes related to the initial life disruption as opportunities. You can expand the scope of your life greatly this year, taking on a new profession, family member, exercise routine or practice of some kind. Go with the changes that feel right in your “gut.” These will be the ones that you are likely to continue with next year. You are beginning a brand new 12-year cycle in your life now and you will get the most out of it by stepping-up to the plate willingly when you feel the moment is right. Also, more international travel, higher education, philosophical or religious activities lie directly ahead! Make plans to travel more, attend classes or be involved in enjoyable hobbies until late November of 2018 when Jupiter will move into Sagittarius. Sagittarians born between the 23rd and the 30th of October will experience a year blessed by a strong conjunction of their Sun to Jupiter. You are the ones who will experience the most change— so be ready for the onslaught of opportunities! Stand strong and you will find yourself growing exponentially each month! Scorpions born between the 1st and the 7th of November will experience a year in which their Sun trines (or harmonizes) with Neptune, planet of Spirit and Compassion. Your spiritual practice has the potential to grow in leaps and bounds this year. If the opportunity to attend or to create a retreat comes up, take it. On a daily basis you will feel more connected than ever before to the Oneness. You may also have to care for an ailing family member this year but your compassion is exponentially increased as well and you will see the value in all that comes your way. Scorpios born on the 3rd and 4th will experience a very important Full Moon year. Set your goals carefully as you can help them reach culmination this year with excellent results. It is all in the effort you expend. You will look back on this year as a real water shed—if you consciously make it so. Scorpios born between the 7th and the 11th will experience a year in which their Sun makes an encouraging sextile to Pluto, thus increasing their opportunities for success at work and in their personal lives. The sextile aspect brings facility and ease of movement. If you expend a sincere amount of effort toward goals for the common good, you will receive rewards in kind. Push for great results and you will achieve them! Finally, Scorpios born between the 17th and the 18th of November will experience a New Moon year. A New Moon year means a clearing of the slate and the establishment of a new way of living. You feel as though you are being given a new start—and you are! You are full of new ideas this year. Goes with those you feel in your heart of hearts and you can’t go wrong.  For all Scorpios, enjoy good times to celebrate your birthday on the weekends of the 11th and 12th with the Moon in refined Virgo, serving up an elegant dinner or party to attend and the New Moon Weekend of the 18th and 19th with the Moon in celebratory Sagittarius. It’s time to get this party started Scorpios! —And you know how. The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus brings good social times your way. Enjoy some good one-on-one time with your romantic partner and/or with good friends. This is a social weekend for the Scorpion. The New Moon of Saturday the 18th is also a great time for socializing. This New Moon falls into your 1st solar house of the physical body, allies and entrepreneurial projects. Enjoy good times outdoors with those you are closest to. I can see you celebrating your birthday on a hike, on a lakeside getaway or at a campfire get together. Enjoy Scorpions and Phoenixes! You are on the rise this year!
Sagittarius: November 21-December 20:  
The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th falls into your solar 6th house of health, nutrition, exercise, daily work and pets. There is a culmination in one of these areas that helps you to feel appreciation for where you are today. You may be feeling very fit now and glad for time today to enjoy more exercise. You may be taking care of a sick pet with some success or working some extra hours for extra pay. The feelings surrounding this 6th house issue are likely to be predominantly positive as this Full Moon makes a “What if?” kind of quincunx to your Sun. Your energy levels have been a bit low since October 23rd when the Sun went into Scorpio but are on the rise as of November 5th when Mercury goes into Sadge. This is the last month before your birthday when the Sun is in your solar 12th house of endings and meditation. Your energy will come back full force when the Sun enters your sign on the night of the 21st at 10:05 a.m. EST. Happy Birthday Sadge! Taskmaster Saturn exits your sign on December 21st after a very long 3-year stay. Let the good times roll! You have endured the vise of restriction and self-discipline that Saturn has held you in since December of 2014. Now it is time to fly free and to enjoy life a lot more again! On Saturday the 18th, the New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio falls into your solar 12th house of endings and meditation. In the last month before Saturn exits your sign, there is one more important project to undertake. You get the green light to move forward on Saturday the 18th. Get a great start to wrapping this project up by the end of the year. Don’t waste a second. You CAN do this!

Capricorn: December 21-January 18

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus makes a very favorable trine (or harmony) to your Sun on Saturday the 4th.  There is an opportunity to see into the future of your creative projects on this day. You may be privy to some useful information that will help you to plan for the future and make solid strides toward the funding you need to accomplish your goals. Saturn will be entering your sign on December 21st next month. Over the coming three years you will be tested as never before. Your integrity will be scrutinized and you will need to work very hard to keep your public image intact. On the world stage, our Capricorn-ruled U.S. government will be tested as well. The diamond is forged by extreme compression of carbon. On a personal level you will feel as though there is no free lunch and that you will have to work to the nth degree to stay afloat. Work smarter not harder in the next three years. Prepare yourself to be as self-disciplined and as responsible as possible. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th can bring a new start your way in the 11th solar house arena of organizations, charities and friendships. You can get a non-profit or charity off to a great new start today. If you need to file legal paperwork online, your ultimate time to send an email would be about 6:30 a.m. EST in order to capture the energy of this potent New Moon. A friendship you value can evolve to a mutually beneficial new level on this weekend. It would be great to plan a fundraiser for a community organization you belong to on this date as well. The arrival of the Sagittarius Sun on Tuesday the 21st is another plus. Until the end of this month you feel buoyed-up by the generosity of spirit that surrounds the sign of Sagittarius and the Thanksgiving holiday. Spend time with family and enjoy time-tested traditions with them this year. Thanksgiving Day will be a high point of your month with the Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd and 23rd. Enjoy! Even though you downplay your successes, you have accomplished so much this year. There is much to be grateful for.

Aquarius: January 19-February 17

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th squares your Sun and creates some real challenges with family and with a home that you own or are responsible for. This Full Moon falls into your solar 4th house of immediate family and the physical home. If there is a needed repair to your home or seasonal maintenance to be done, you will benefit from addressing the issue right away. A crisis of greater proportion will take place if you wait. Winter-proofing is especially important with the weather being so extreme this past year. Counting on a predictable winter, just isn’t wise. A family member may also need attention that can’t wait. Call and listen to what is needed. Your prompt offer to volunteer time to help is appreciated more than you will ever know. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th falls into your solar 10th house of career and standing in the community. Recent work you have done has caught the attention of higher-ups and those you want to be in good standing with. You will gain support of a key player for your project over the next two weeks leading up to the next Full Moon. FridaySaturday and Sunday the 17th, 18th and 19th are ideal times to contact an important contact for support and funding. GO for it!  The Scorpio Sun squares (or challenges) your own until the 21st when the Sun thankfully shifts into Sagittarius. Now you feel more empowered to take care of issues needing your support and energy. The Sadge Sun makes an encouraging fire- to-air sextile to your Sun. Now you have much more energy to lend to your more important projects. Go for it!

Pisces: February 18-March 19

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on Saturday the 4th makes an encouraging sextile to your Sun.  This Full Moon falls into your solar 3rd house of communications, transportation, siblings, neighbors and practical education. There is a culmination coming to the fore in one of these areas that you can make a positive impact with. Whether you are supplying a child with transport to an important event or making an important communication of some kind, it will make an impact. You may also be the recipient of help at this time. There is much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and that fact is very apparent this month. The Scorpio Sun helps you to make ends meet on your projects and get some real work done despite a crisis that has been looming this fall. The New Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio on Saturday the 18th falls into your solar 9th house of philosophy, religion, higher education, publishing and long-distance travel. You will get a new start in one of these areas between the 17th and the 19th of this weekend. The trine of Scorpio to your fellow water sign Sun makes this a new start that comes more easily than expected. Make a phone call, hold a meeting, send an email or launch a website on this day to make this a potent new beginning for an important project. Over the next two weeks before the next Full Moon, you will have a clearer idea of what it will take to make this new project take root. Good work Fish! Your ruling planet Neptune goes direct on Wednesday the 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving! Now your spiritual directives become more clear and you can make plans for the projects you want to lead or participate in for the coming year. Your compassion comes into full focus now too, inspiring your year-end contributions to organizations you believe in. Remember that all the time you have volunteered this year also counts for a lot. You are amazing Pisces!


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