The Healing Benefits Of White Metal…

The Healing Benefits Of White Metal

Precious metals and various gemstones have been used since time immemorial for healing purposes. In the ancient world, they were beloved and cherished- almost to the point of obsession. And it wasn’t just Europe; nearly every culture placed a high value on their significance. Most of these metals are mined and were used in their natural state, but as technology improved, new metals were created. One of these new metals is known today as white metal. White metal is made out of a combination of metals- antimony, tin, lead, cadmium, bismuth, and zinc- all of which create a pristine look and feel. It wasn’t too long before white metal was just as cherished as many other healing metals and gemstones- and for good reason.

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Healing Properties

Just because it was created by bringing together different elements doesn’t mean the healing properties aren’t there! White metal is a great metal for soothing the nerves. Here are a few benefits:

  • Physical- White metal gives a significant boost to the nervous system, by improving the ability of nerves to transmit information. It also helps the body in the proper assimilation of food, and benefits the circulatory system and blood.
  • Emotional- Promotes hormonal and chemical balance, which leads to calmer and more rational decision making. A balanced mind also brings a general sense of emotional well-being; something sorely missing these days!
  • Spiritual- Emotional well-being and a calmer mind are the cornerstones to spiritual living. That kind of mindset brings deeper spiritual awareness and makes it easier to go deeper in meditation. White metals are simply a tool to go deeper into spiritual awareness.

How to Use White Metal

White metal isn’t as powerful as gemstones when it comes to direct healing, but it’s considered to be the most powerful conductor and amplifier. One of the great things about white metal is the fact that it works with all crystals, gemstones, and other metals such as copper…and actually boosts their natural abilities. This means it’s excellent to use with jewelry- which is great because healing is best when close to the skin.

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