The Healing Properties Of Smoky Quartz…

The Healing Properties Of Smoky Quartz

The Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz


If you’ve ever had a look into a gem store, you’ve probably seen smoky quartz. That’s because this gem is one of the most popular stones in the world! But don’t let this fool you: this gemstone is somewhat rare, as the color brown seldom makes its way into crystals.

So how did it become so popular?

Smoky quartz was popular in the ancient times because it was easy to cut and shape into different objects. The Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, and Sumerians each had practical uses for the crystal, but the Druids in particular placed great value on it; to them, it was sacred. So sacred, in fact, that it’s the national stone of Scotland.

Even today, Shamans and Wiccans use the quartz in rituals and ceremonies.

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Healing Properties

  • Physical- This gemstone helps to alleviate cramps and calm he nervous system. It also helps to relieve headaches, benefits the heart, absorbs electromagnetic radiation from electronics, and eases spasms.
  • Mental- Smoky quartz has the ability to lift a carrier out of depression, fear, anxiety, and brings emotional balance. It encourages positive thinking and actions
  • Spiritual- This stone is probably best known for its ability to “ground” energy by neutralizing negative vibration. It produces a balanced mindset.

How to Use Smoky Quartz

Like most healing gemstones, smoky quartz can be used by placing it in direct contact with the skin.

But it also has the ability to greatly aid in meditations or spiritual rituals. This is because it helps with clearing energy and grounding. Usually, the stone can simply be held. If you work next to a lot of electronics, it’s a good idea to keep a crystal next to you in order to absorb some of the electromagnetic radiation that seeps off of your devices.


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